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“Pi Youth Association was established on March 14, 2014. It was founded to help develop positive behaviour and attitudes by teaching, educating and nurturing both knowledge and new skills for young people. We also carry out works that aim to form solutions to the problems often faced by young people. In addition to that, Pi is also a sending, receiving and coordinating organsitation for ESC volunteers.”

I just quoted from the E-mail that we sended to potential partner organisations around all europe. In March and April my task was to help to create partnerships. We updated the databases and created contact with a lot of organisations in europe. Even if this task was not challenging me a lot I felt so welcomed and comfortable in the Pi Team from the beginning on. It is a good athmosphere and people are so friednly and respectfull. Apart from that I also helped to choose applicants for EVS project. It was an interesting task that I have never done before. To read applications and see the huge differences between them but also the responsibillity to choose the “best” ones.

But the task that challenged me most here was the german conversation club. I have been working with groups of people before, but never tried to teach a language to someone. It was a knew experience and I had fun to prepare the class, think about games to play and topics to talk about. The german level of the participants was really different, what made it hard sometimes to find a middle way, so that it wont be to boring or to hard for anyone. Mostly  we talked about our life, about topics like hobbies, holidays, movies, books etc.. I also  printed pictures and we described them to each other. We listened to german music and talked about the meaning of the songs. I am happy that I got the possibility to do these conversation clubs and I think I could give something to the participants. Also I learned a lot for myself. How to prepare a lesson, what to do if less participants show up than the amount of people who have registered before and also that german is a reeeeeally really hard language to learn.

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