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Hey Begüm! Evet, evet! I am writing about you!

In this life, we all need someone to guide us. If you are a volunteer like me, you will even need it two hundred times more. Imagine yourself arriving to a new country that has a different language and which culture may differ way too much to what you were used to.

Then, the figure of mentorship becomes relevant. Like a super heroe who rescues you everytime you need it. Well, this is Begüm.

Valen y Saru had already met her before me because I arrived to Izmir almost two months later. I used to nose around the social medias of our association a little bit to see what kind of people I was going to find once I moved here. Yes, I saw you, my dear Begüm. But little did I know that girl in the picture sitting in the colorful stairs close to Tarihî Asansör with the other volunteers was going to end up being my mentor and nowadays, my reliable friend.

I still remember that super hot day of middle September when I first met you. We didn’t have much time to show me the way from home to the office and the ladies at Balçova insisted on eating lunch together. It wasn’t until the first time we went out for dinner just both of us when I realized how well we can get on.  We are very different and very similar at the same time. You blush when I do certain things and I enjoy seeing you like that. Free to do and to talk about what you want. We don’t need to take for granted what it’s imposed to us since childhood as the universal truth of the world. We share the same ideas about this feminist fight we carry on everyday in our society. Even if the chains are stronger for some of us than others.  About all the rest, you know it by heart. We will buy one day that green and shiny dress, tamam mı? And we will eat pork and we will dance all night and at the end I will kidnap you and I will take you with me to Spain.

I wish I could lend you my passport so you travel all the world everytime you want with no bonds.

You are just amazing. Thank you for taking me to the hospital when I needed it and for all the things you will do for me in the future.

You know I will never understand your endless love for England, but I will be there for helping you achieving your dreams. I will bring you some fish&chips too, just as an incentive 😛

Gracias amiga. Y recuerda que el mundo estará a tus pies siempre que tú lo decidas.

Seni çok seviyorum.

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Hola, holita kankas of the world! This is Maka, best known among my friends as “La muchacha turca” because of my love for this country, where now I have the pleasure to live in. I am 25 years old and I come from a super touristic town in amazing Málaga, called Fuengirola. Even if I am Spanish, people agree I perfectly look Turkish and THIS MAKES ME ÇOK ÇOK ÇOK MUTLU. I studied Translation and Interpreting (EN-ES-FR) at Universidad de Málaga and some classical music in the conservatory of my town. Definitely, not a science girl at all. I hate cucumber and I love Eurovision Song Contest.

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