Welcome to the best year of my life :)

Let’s introduce myself as a people person. Who would be Maka if she wasn’t doing something that has not a direct relation with people? I LOVE PEOPLE! I love their smiles, their stories, their way to look at the society, their accents, their physical features, their experiences and how PEOPLE can make a change in your life in the blink of an eye.

I have tried different things mainly in the field of language teaching and I worked for a few months in the aviation sector as cabin crew flying at least twice per week the Turkish skies from London. I was always jealous of my passengers breathing Turkish air and feeling the wonderful sun in their skins. Heading back to polluted London was depressing because even if my body was in the aircraft my mind landed and it didn’t want to take off.

It was like giving a candy to a child and then taking it away.

Life is totally unpredictable and time taught me that I can’t force the destiny to happen in the moment I want it, how I want it and how I dreamed it.

So I found myself moving to Turkey when psychologically I wasn’t ready for it. I had planned that moment since years and years ago and it was all kinda hasty and stressful because of my background. I stopped my life in London, packed all that I had and I left half of the house behind me, I fought with the transport company which was supposed to pick my stuff in England,  I headed to Spain ASAP with 40 kilos of clothes on me and the goodness of that ground staff lady at the airport who didn’t overcharge me and smiled me saying “Just for today” (LOVED HER TILL THE MOON AND BACK) , I renewed my passport in wonderful and quick Spanish bureaucracy (hahaha NO) and I booked the first available flight to Izmir without costing a bomb. Impossible mission? I made it.

Before departing my mum told me “I know you are not going to come back”. Will I live here for the rest of my life? Who knows!

Right now I am here thanks to Rocio and Pedro, my super friends from Intercambia Youth Association in Málaga. I heard by the first time about EVS because of them, having participated in previous youth exchanges and even having organized one myself with their support in 2013.

Thanks to Muhsin for selecting me at Pi Gençlik Dernegi. I will never forget your “I will take you to Izmir, you will see”. Then I saw, kanka, here I am.

It is said that you are really in love with someone when you can’t describe the reasons why you feel that love. You just feel it. That is exactly what happens to me. Why this country? Why not another one similar or totally different? BILMIYORUM.

Once my lovely Gaby with who I started all this adventure of aviation told me a sentence that knocked me down and I will always remember: “Macarena, mi niña, we all know WHERE are we happy”. He knows me better than myself sometimes. Evet, Gaby, I am EXTREMELY happy right now.

I came to Izmir to be involved in an association which requires my heart to be poured out. SAGKAL works in the field of health, trying to provide information and support to hundreds of patients around the Aegean area. I am mainly devoted to the cancer ladies and children living in one of the several dormitories the association has in the city where they live during their treatments at the hospitals. I knew from the beginning it was not going to be a piece of cake sentimentally speaking because all my emotions were going to be exposed like a theatre play to the public.  But you know what? This is my performance. This is who I am and this is how I want you to get to know me. So take a seat and enjoy, show has already started!

Welcome to the best year of my life ♥

About Macarena Gonzalez Lopez

Hola, holita kankas of the world! This is Maka, best known among my friends as “La muchacha turca” because of my love for this country, where now I have the pleasure to live in. I am 25 years old and I come from a super touristic town in amazing Málaga, called Fuengirola. Even if I am Spanish, people agree I perfectly look Turkish and THIS MAKES ME ÇOK ÇOK ÇOK MUTLU. I studied Translation and Interpreting (EN-ES-FR) at Universidad de Málaga and some classical music in the conservatory of my town. Definitely, not a science girl at all. I hate cucumber and I love Eurovision Song Contest.

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