Week of the Art and Women‘s Day

Spring is always magical. Spring give us the hope about new begin and new adventures.

“Arkas Sanat Merkezi”

Begin of March, I and my new mentor Ece, we went to galleries. Ece showed me the places where I can found art exhibitions. It’s “Konak Resim Heykel Müzesi” and “Arkas Sanat Merkezi”. Art was always important in my life. I’m graduated by Management of Cultural Activity and in all my life I was interesting in art subjects. Art is like fresh water to our souls. After art exhibitions I even can’t speak – my head is full and in the same time empty. After art exhibitions I can walk many kilometres alone. It’s like somebody press restart button in my head. It is amazing, what power and good energy have art.

Spring begins with International Women’s Day. First time in the world we start celebrate this day in 1910. In 1985, 88 countries leaders signed a convention on discrimination against women. Small steps, small woman, small wishes can change everything. What is equality? What are equal rights? Why it’s so hard to understand, we are all human being and we all have the same rights in education, self-expression, vote, and etc. We all deserve to be loved, respected, protected and have our own opinion. But woman have to fight for this. In some countries woman still don’t have the same rights like men. But I believe, step by step, one day, we will understand this, and all people will be equal.

International Women’s Day in Turkey was very nice, with women’s march in the streets. I’m proud of those women, because they are not afraid to participate and shout in the streets with another woman’s. It’s a big power. We have to stay all together and support each other’s. Our strength is in unity.

About Sarune Sidlauskaite

Labas! My name is Šarūnė and I am from Lithuania. I am 25 years old, and this August i started volunteering in Turkey, in Izmir. I am EVS volunteer, and working in Karşiyaka municipality. I hope this year will be wonderful. More about me - instagram @rozalibam ♥

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