Two tasty months under a lovely flag

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It’s been two months since the project started and everything is just perfect. I live in a very big flat with two other volunteers (Valentina from Croatia and Sarune from Lithuania – hello, girls!), in the center of Izmir and it is located quite close to the office. Public transportation in Izmir is simply amazing (Palm trees, Aegean Sea, a clean city and beautiful people – are my daily landscapes) and the best part for me is that I can go to the office by boat as well🤩🤩. People in Izmir are helpful, as it is in their nature as Turks. They know how to make you feel good, especially if you tell them that you are a foreigner; they are going to look after you and are willing to offer their help anytime. I would like to express my consideration to the Turkish people for being so close to other people’s souls. It is not easy to live abroad, especially if you don’t speak the language. That’s why knowing that the locals around you are there to help you anytime you need it makes you feel more comfortable and safe. So, Turkish people – YOU ARE GREAT 👏👏👏.

Coming to my favourite part, food🤪, I would describe it as extremely tasty, cheap and diversifed. There is a specialty that can be found only in Izmir and it is called “bomba”.

Unfortunately, words are not enough to express the feeling I get when I eat “bomba”🤪🤪🤪, but I can only say this: One “bomba” is not even enough and two “bombas” are way too much… Another good thing for those who love seafood is that you can find fresh and tasty mussels in every part of Izmir for little money.

So guys, keep in mind that the last thing to be worried about in Izmir is food.

Finally, I would like to conclude my post with the love of Turkish people from Izmir for Mustafa Kemal Atatürk❤, founder of the Republic of Turkey.

They are very proud of their history, ancestors and symbols and they simply love everything that is linked with their country. The Turkish flag is a symbol that is cherished by every citizen and you can find the Turkish national flag hanging on the wall of every apartment building.


And, of course, as I love and respect Turkey very much, I also got a Turkish flag and I hanged it on my balcony.


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