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 First mounth passed so slowly, like spending time in car at traffic jam, then you just rushing somewhere and checking clock how much time left, but always it‘s same time, like five minutes before. It was hurrying time, I feel like, I have to wake up from turkish dream and everything will be finished. In short period can realize, that Turkey is wonderfull just because of food and amazing landscape. Certainly you have to be social and like to communicate with people to really become part of it. If its not happening and you really like that, appears – crazy people. Absolutely amazing how people can be relaxed, trusting their own, hot temperament and same way friendly. In one way, I can decribe them just like – peculiar. And time can‘t stop ticking, and I looking from window in the morning, I see people with jackets like few days ago I see people only with t-shirts or dress, and it helps me realised that I‘m passing one more month here.

 Speaking about our enemy – time, the biggest enemy of all times, need to remember, that it goes same synchronous and only sometime it goes too slow – or passed so fast, that even not felt how fast. Local people are not hurring nowhere, especialy on summer. In the municipality where I volunteering, also nobody was hurring us to start our works, everything was like steam in river, just passing slowly. Our regular hurrying – it‘s just like habit, which let us proud our lithuanian stubbornness of spending time productive, which helps to not stuck in one place. Looking in turkish people, they have totally different engine of life. Biggest part of Turkey belongs Asia mainland and few cities to Europe. Even its just geographical position, but same way you can feel line between european freedom, latitude of liberty and opportunities to choose. Why Turkey just stuck into conservatism and dictatorialism traps? Why this paradox become a rule, like an apple which looks tasty and nice, but rotten from inside? In a first weeks, I was like under a spell of landscape. The flowers were blooming in trees, full of mountains in horizont of sunset, colorful culture and relaxation. But after that cover appears turkish problems. But being tourist you will never feel that, just because you have not enough time.

 I never skip moment to join local concerts. Only one observation – locals are not dancing. They just standing and listening, and it not depends of place, concert, time, weather or style of music. They just standing and listening. Then I asked why, they just tell me its just a normal. And also is a lot of security. All events a full of police, on entrances is strong check in, also blocked all types of connections. Also lot of security on public transport, bus stations, markets and same in municipality. Just once you can feel not safe, but frightening. Maybe to make better mood of events. Every day I cant stop wondering something new for me.

 I catch myself in some moments that I really not at home at all. Like surrounding sounds of prey from mosque. Then I hear it, I can feel shakes passing my body and I start looking around, if its not changed on streets. On this prey somebody finds peace of mind others – mistrust. One time, I felt peace of mind spent time in bus at night. Then I realiseing that I have no fear to get lost.

Then its time to say, that you are becoming world‘s human? Then all world became your home? Maybe then the time become friend, which like a alarmingly stops counting minutes of life and just let you live your life.

About Sarune Sidlauskaite

Labas! My name is Šarūnė and I am from Lithuania. I am 25 years old, and this August i started volunteering in Turkey, in Izmir. I am EVS volunteer, and working in Karşiyaka municipality. I hope this year will be wonderful. More about me - instagram @rozalibam ♥

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