The Beauty of Izmir

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What i like about this City?


Cats are belonging to Izmir as much as the people who are living here. Sometimes I get the feeling that the city is theirs. If you walk around in Izmir it is hard to let 10 minutes pass without seeing one of them. They are everywhere. And they are beautiful. Every single of them looks different. Long hair, short hair, black ones, white ones and colourful once. Sleeping on cars to catch sun. Sleeping under the cars to find shadow in hot summer days, strolling through the streets, climbing on trees. One cat is visiting me sometimes at home and staying for a few hours with me. My boyfriend named her şapşık, and the sound of the name really fits to her, but I still didn’t get what şapşık actually means 😀

Sea and nature

For a person who comes from berlin it is special to have the sea almost in front of your door. It really increases the quality of living. It brings luck, peace and serenity. In Izmir you can walk next to the sea for hours, the whole bay is walkable. Compared to Istanbul there are no buildings directly next to the sea. You can find grass and little parks where people are chilling, fishing, selling food or just watching the sunset. Around the city are a lot of cool places for swimming, camping and hiking.


Even if I can feel that it will be too hot for me soon for the city life, it is so good to have a guaranty of summer. In Berlin you can never be sure. In April it could snow, but maybe it could also be so hot that you can swim in the lake. It can rain a lot and it can get cold in August, it is always a surprise. Here it is just hot and mostly sunny during the summer which makes me all the time feel somehow that I am in holiday. I have also the thesis that warm weather makes people warmer. I experienced it in all southern country that I have been. That people are generally more warm and friendly than in northern European countries.

Street music

In the main street of Alsancak, you can always find people singing, playing saz, guitar., accordion, drum and other instruments that I even have not seen before. Often, they are in groups of like four people and mostly they are so good. I enjoy listening them, they are spreading positive energy and fun.


If you have prejudices about turkey, they will be destroyed in Izmir. I remember one of my friends from Berlin told me during her visit. “There are more people with headscarf’s in Bellin Neukölln than here”. She was surprised about it. For me it became normal already. I don’t care if people are wearing headscarf’s or not. I just care about letting every person wear and do what he or she thinks is the best. In Izmir you will meet people from different nationalities, people with different styles and different minds. But somehow, they are all living together and mostly you can walk on the street how you want without being judged or watched in a strange way by others. As a woman you can easily wear shorts, but you can also cover all your body, no one will care. The spirit of Izmir is different than other cities in turkey. In general people are open minded and open to the world.


It is something that I really like, because for me it is special. Before I have been living here, I just used ships in holidays. To use a ferry as normal public transportation is so cooool. It makes the way much more fun and chill.


It is called bomba and its truly a bomb. A chocolate bomb. Like a soft cookie filled with so much chocolate cream (I think its Nutella) that it is a big challenge to eat it without having chocolate everywhere on your mouth and hands after. It’s fun how this little thing is so famous here. Everyone knows it and its funny to grab one and eat it with friends. And it is so tasty. But I can just eat one of it, otherwise I would have a chocolate-sugar-shock.


There are a lot of little stands in the city where fresh juice is sold. Changing the price to euro you can buy a big cup of orange juice for 50 cents. It would be impossible in Germany. I like fruits so much and I am thinking that it’s so important to eat them. People are not doing it enough. So, when I am too lazy to buy fruits, take them home, wash and cut, I am just grabbing an orange juice or Atom (mixes fruit juice) and drinking it outside (:

I wanted to write some more things but at that moment nothing more came to my mind, so I my boyfriend and then I thought it’s a funny idea just to ask some more locals what they like about their city. So, I just ask friends and people I know to tell me spontaneously 5 things that they like about Izmir. Actually it was a little bit boring because nearly everyone said the same. That are the results:

  • It’s not so crowded
  • Open minded people
  • It doesn’t seem so big
  • A lot of students are living here
  • The sea
  • It’s my home
  • Warm people
  • The sea
  • Life is more relaxed here than for example in Istanbul
  • freedom
  • warmth
  • freedom
  • girls
  • boyoz
  • drinking Tuborg kirmizi while watching the sunsets
  • sea
  • people
  • weather
  • food
  • asil
  • Wonderful sea                                                                                                                       
  • weather
  • warm and respectful people
  • cheaper than other metropoles
  • beautiful places to visit

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