Some things in life are worth the wait. And then – what?

Some things in life are worth the wait, and hopefully this text is one of them. If not, you waited for no reason. Sorry.

After almost two months in Izmir, I already feel like something changed in me – I am starting to feel at home, I recognize the streets, people on them, starting to have my favorite stores and ways to travel (ferry is my top choice – it always makes me feel like a lady!).

In a short time, I am sure I will already feel completely in love with this beautiful, vivid city.
Now, what have I been up to these weeks?

Our first month here has been busy with accommodating, getting used to the different way of life, impossible heat, administration, transport, and heat again. So much heat, and I mean sweating by existing type of heat.

As soon as we caught some kind of routine, we had time to enjoy Izmir. Now, I’m not trying to sound like a touristic center promoting the city, but there are some reasons because of which Izmir is the most amazing destination to live in at this point!


Apart from those couple of creepers that have tried to follow me home or texted me on all of my social media platforms even though no reply obviously means ‘no’, I have met the most amazing people. They are helpful, kind, open minded, have a nice sense of humor, and relaxed. And that’s what I love. Working hard is great, but if you have the skills to do it and also have enough time to chill, I’m sold. This type of attitude I found among the organization’s volunteers and a couple of people I had the chance to meet randomly.

Things to see

Apart from the ancient cities and beaches around the city which I haven’t seen yet, there are a couple of ‘must see’s without the need for a longer bus or train ride. For example, stunning view awaits if you take a ride in İzmir Tarihi Asansör – the super old elevator in the district of Turgut Reis, or Agora Open Museum next to, one more, Kemeraltı, the oldest and most famous shopping district here, which will at some points give you a feeling of being in the Ottoman empire (maybe Ibrahim Paşa will shop for some jewelry there too).

Also, the sunsets.

The view from İzmir Tarihi Asansör

Kültürpark with EVERYTHING

Each year, an International Fair takes place in the centre of the city, this year inside Kültürpark complex. It offers various goods to taste, buy, and have promoted, as Izmir for a long time used to be an important port and a trading spot connecting Turkey to Europe. Nowadays, it’s the third biggest city of Turkey with a very rich and lively cultural and social program. The Fair that I mentioned happens during a week when 9th of September, the Liberation day of Izmir takes place, and lasts for the whole week.

If you love screaming children and overweight cranky parents, this is a place for you. It is also a place for you if you like Turkish musicians, same as me. I listen to Turkish bands (by listen, I mean I adore some of them from the bottom of my soul), so I went and let my hear out there. Despite being so crowded and loud, Kültürpark is a happy place, and it made me very happy! I also discovered that my favorite band isn’t Son Feci Bisiklet anymore, but Mor ve Otesi (I heard them at another place though), but that doesn’t change the fact that I would marry Son Feci Bisiklet’s frontman A N Y T I M E (my Instagram is @velntajn, don’t be shy to follow).

I waited to see my favorite bands for two years, and you know when you finally get what you want, and then you get it, and then you’re totally confused, like – okay, what now? That’s how I felt at those concerts, that’s how I still feel in Turkey.

I waited for so long, and I am getting used to it. Naturally, I am sometimes still in shock and can’t believe I actually made it so far, being so persistent in my goals that finally led me here. And as the beginning says, some things are worth the wait.

Unlike my blog, though. Sorry again.

But maybe you would enjoy me saying all of those things but with makeup? Go ahead and check out my vlog!

Izmir – Two months in 5 minutes

*small apology for spamming – yesterday's post was posted by accident and I saw it 3 hours later o.O*The latest (WHOLE) video from my one-year 'adventure' is here, and I am uploading it on Facebook because I got many questions and complaints from people like "What is IGTV?" and "I cannot access it" :DSo I'm back to my favorite social media channel (it's still popular in the Balkans 😀 )Sorry to everyone who has seen it and is sick of it, BUUUUT I must say i worked hard on this one and i want to show it around 🙂 🙂 🙂 #proudAlso, the blog for reading if you're not a looker but a reader, is here:, what have I been up to these weeks and why is Izmir such a cool place to live? Check out the video to see how Turks live through Bayram, see a glimpse of a stunning sunset, learn some Turkish (very useful word), and get recommendations for the best Turkish bands 😀 I will also tag Son Feci Bisiklet because I hope they will accept my compliments and take me to Istanbul to make an album 😀

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Until next week! Hayırlı olsun.

About Valentina Botica

I am a 26 year-old girl from Rijeka, Croatia, a lover of Turkey who is an EVS volunteer in Izmir's Pi Youth Association. Graduated journalist with an overall enthusiasm for media. Both dog and cat person, trying to teach people what is 'teal' - my favorite color, similar to the color of Bosporus. I am a part of Erasmus Student Network and a strong believer that 'Mobility is a Lifestyle'. More about my experience in Turkey can be found on my Instagram @velntajn.

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