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Social life is very active in big city of Izmir. You can find different places by Your taste.

If You are interested in music – there are a lot of karaoke bars, live music and concerts happening every evening in different places. Also You can find music classes and other ways to enjoy music. For example, listening people singing and playing guitars just on the grass next to the sea (Alsancak, Kordon).

If You are interested in meeting people and learning language – there are language exchange meeting, English Conversation Clubs and other activities. Also You can join official language classes – private or group one, free or not.

If You are interested in history – city of Izmir has a lot of historical places to see. Around city and in the city You can reach history just with Your hands.

If You are interested in traveling – Izmir is good location to reach other cities of Turkey. You can travel with buses if You are ok about long trips and sleeping in bus. You can travel with planes if You are ready to pay a bit more and You are not afraid of flying. You can travel with trains, cars, motorcycles and other transports.

If You are interested in sports – Izmir might offer You different things. Here You can find bikes, running, football, basketball, scubadiving, swimming, hiking, dancing and other sport indoors and outdoors.

If You are interested in culture – Izmir can offer You from cultural foods, drinks, sweets to dances and other traditions.

If You are interested in healthy life – fruits and vegetables are very fresh and not expensive, many places for walking, biking, hiking and other sports. Also sport clubs in reasonable prices.

If You are interested in fashion – Turkey making a lot of different clothes and shoes, also not too expensive. Even if You don’t like shopping, it’s easy to find comfortable clothes for wearing everyday and feel nice.

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