September: holidays, weddings and :)


Summer months passed so fast but summer not leaving Izmir. Still warm or even hot days here. So on my holidays I went to colder and greener place. ZONGULDAK.



Here I was spending time with my boyfriend and his family. Remembering old days of school and crafting some funny things with the sister.





Also September 3, 7 and 13 are important days to my family. Birthdays: 3rd my brother Vidmantas , 7th my cousin Tomas and 13th my dad’s. So I sent biggest wishes to my family men.

Holidays was dedicated to explore places in and around Zonguldak. This is a city in northern Turkey. The city is in the Karadeniz Region. This is a valuable to see city with its historical and natural beauties, thousands of years old caverns and infinitive green.


All family was helping me to see beauty of Turkey. So we visited Safranbolu which is famous for its Ottoman houses both in Çarşı (old town) and the neighborhood of Bağlar, and qualifies as a UNESCO World Heritage site.


If You in this place try their saffron flavored lokum (Turkish delight). Also there is cliff-top cafe with a glass platform suspended from the cliff edge, 80m above the Tokatlı Canyon. The place named Crystal Terrace providing perfect view to one of Great Canyons of Turkey.


On my holidays I also saw nice beaches, one of them in Güzelcehisar Bartın. Amazing place for camping, not that much people, nice sand, water not getting deep too fast and … dolphins. Black sea is perfect to spent summer days.

Previous holidays was also about visiting some places like Amasra and Bartın.

Amasra – a small Black Sea port town in the Bartın Province, Turkey, formerly known as Amastris. The town is today much appreciated for its beaches and history .  Amasra has two islands: the bigger one is called Büyük ada (‘Great Island’), the smaller one Tavşan adası (‘Rabbit Island‘).

Bartın – is a city in northern Turkey and the central district of the province of BartınThere are numerous ancient city ruins inside the borders of historic Paphlagonia region. Ancient cities of Sesamos (Amasra), Kromna (Kurucasile) and Erythinoi (Cakraz) are located inside the borders of Bartin.

After coming back to Izmir I needed to move to new apartment. My new home is cozy. Living with Turkish family at first looks scary. But as all of us very busy, we practicality not seeing each other. Only the doggy Carmen.

And also the Turks in general are very hospitable, so I’m feeling comfortable.

If You were reading my posts closely, maybe still remember Batu.

So when I met him in July, he said that his brother getting married and he would like to invite us to the weddings. As in Lithuania You’re not going to people You don’t know weddings, we met bride and groom.

The bride is amazingly sweet Turkish woman. She let me to be part of her special day – together we were searching for wedding stuff she needed. After we’re drinking Turkish coffee together and talking about the Turkish weddings. How many people invited, what are usual gifts, what kind a traditions they have and ect.

The groom is very talented to music and dances, very friendly and nice Turkish man. He even played for us with drums and piano.

So as now officially we got invitation from this nice couple it’s not gonna be so weird to come to their weddings.

Days in office are going so fast that sometimes we are stopping for cup of coffee in Laps. Its nice place to stop and think what we already did and what tasks we still need to do.

After working hours it’s also nice to go for a walk next to sea. Today Turkish Stars was preparing for tomorrow. 9th of September is very important for Izmir.

Turkish Stars  are the aerobatic demonstration team of the Turkish Air Force and the national aerobatics team of Turkey.

9th of September – Dokuz Eylül – Today in Izmir sky Turkish Stars showed their performance, people were marching with the longest Turkish flag I ever saw, TCMK was also participating in marching. All city was covered in celebration mood – even youngsters were playing guitar and singing in Izban.



Today our office got one of the best surprises – Mehmet. We met him in Genc Bak-IS 2 and now he was in other project in Izmir. And as a good friend even visited us in our office. Mehmet brought us special pistachios from Siirt and some sweets common in his home place. Thanks, Mehmet, for such a nice surprise.



Exploring country also means to get know the traditions. One of beautiful tradition is weddings. But before there is henna/ chna night. The bride I told You before invited me to participate in her saying goodbye to her family and home.

Family women are crying, dancing and marking hands with henna because the bride is leaving home. The bride was wearing her mom’s traditional clothes for henna night. I also were trying to dance and put henna on my hand. And as Atcı family probably not that oldschoolish, men were allowed to join the ceremony. Batu told me all traditions and we’re talking about Lithuania. He’s going back there just after weddings for his studies.


The next evening we went to weddings. Big open area with tables for guests, area for dancing and nice area for the bride and the groom. To say the true, I prefer small Lithuanian weddings: only family and closest friends, dancing, one big table, so many traditions to do that there’s no time to just sit. And people around are family, so many nice talks happening.

But in these weddings the bride was so beautiful and the groom even was dancing with drum. They are amazing people as it’s their day – not for me to say what is better for them. I wish them the best in their life together.

The day after weddings in office was easy and sweet. Me and Laura went to one sweets place and I bought all cookies with candies on top. Laura noticed that both men working there look similar. And then we saw the little finger of his covered in henna. As I remember from Atcı family henna night – it means he’s the groom. So we asked when is his weddings. He said – tomorrow. It was nice talk with local people.

In the evening we met couple from TCMK. Walking, talking, eating together – was a nice end of the day.

Sunday we decided to go to Teleferik. Its a place on a mountain where You need to go with cute and colorful cable cars. There is beautiful park-forest area on mountain. People just sitting, enjoying view to city or mountains and valleys around or eating. You can eat already prepared food, ice-creams or do bbq yourself.

As it was Sunday – line to get up was long. Bertuğ was so excited to go but after seeing the line his face got darker. But as my positive energy was big enough for both we reach mountain still in good mood.

After exploring park and eating we decided to go down. I like the view to the city. It’s like watching an ants house.

And we ended our day with bikes. You can rent bikes in Izmir and ride next to seaside. It was fun activity. And the bike road is long enough to say that it was exercising also.

So this is how we are spending time on September in Turkey. And reaching day100 of my EVS project.


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