Romanian EVS Volunteer in Izmir, Turkey

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Hello! First of all, I would like to express my gratitude for becoming part of such a great team – Pi Youth Association, here, in this amazing city, Izmir, Turkey. My name is Ionuț-Mădălin Cătrună, I come from Bucharest, the capital of Romania. I am 24 years old and I was born in Alexandria, a small city near Bucharest, city where I grew up and lived until the age of 19, when I decided that I had to move to Bucharest to continue and complete my studies at the University of Bucharest.

                            Therefore, I’ve studied three years of Business Administration bachelors program and two years of Human Resources master program. I like to think that coming to Turkey and being now in the position of writing on this blog, as part of Pi Youth Association, was not a coincidence, but an achievement of my desire to work, travel and live in Turkey. It all started in 2014, when I discovered my passion for Turkish language, Turkish culture and everything related to Turkey. I so started to learn Turkish and after one year I found myself able to speak it, even though I was still making mistakes. During this time, my university studies were going on, but my mind was continuously on Turkey🇹🇷. Time passes and Erasmus+ opportunities in Turkey increase. I was extremely happy to participate in three different projects in three different cities ( Adıyaman, Ankara and İstanbul )which made me both aware of other people’s needs and fall in love even more with Turkish culture. I said to myself that, at some point in my life, I had to go on an EVS project in Turkey which, thanks God🙏, has finally happened.

                            Due to my active participation into different projects and activities in the last years, I had the chance to meet amazing, beautiful people from many different cultures, which had a great, positive impact on my personality, skills and values. I see this EVS in Izmir, together with Pi Youth Association people, as a great opportunity of creating real value for the people we are interracting with and for us, as youth workers and volunteers, as well.

These moments are unique for me and I am now taking the first steps on a path full of great and life changing activities that this one-year project in Izmir is going to bring me.

Coming back tointroducing myself, there are many things that I love in life and the first one is represented by people. Yes, I love people very much. Working with them, working for them, learning from them are like energy-boosters for me and that was the main reason I chose to study master in Human Resources. Related to this, I truly believe that the most important skill we need to possess is “efficient communication skill”. I strongly believe that we need to be able to listen to other people`s needs in order to understand them better. We must listen more and speak less when interracting with people and even though this seems obvious, it is often something that is overlooked.

Here I am, in the center of my dream city – 🇹🇷Alsancak, Izmir🇹🇷- the center of a city that I feel truly welcomed in.


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