Poseidon is calling – S.O.S. for FUN

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Sooooo, the best experience until now was the one-day boat trip to Çeşme, Izmir.

Meet our cool host – Poseidon


Çeşme is a small city and coastal town, well-known for its amazing landscapes provided by the Aegean Sea. The trip was actually organised for the group participating in “Glean Project”, a youth exchange project about social media and journalism, where young people from Italy, France, Slovenia, Spain, Macedonia and Turkey got the chance to share common ideas, to discover different cultures and to enjoy 10 days in a dream city – Izmir. I would like to congratulate Pi Youth Association and the Turkish team for their involvement in organising this beautiful project, for their support offered to the participants during their daily tasks and for everything that they did in order to help them get the most of Izmir in their free time. I had discussions with some of the participants and they said that they were truly happy to take part in Glean Project and they considered themselves lucky for having the chance to go on the boat trip to Çeşme. (which, I admit it, they were reaaaally lucky – and that’s all thanks to the efforts of Pi Youth Association team – congratulations, guys!!!)

Poseidon showed us the living room 🤣🤣


There is a message in Turkish welcoming the tourists in Çeşme which caught my attention in a positive way, whose English translation would be: “Please, don’t let anything behind you apart from your footsteps”. I loved it very much, because it asks us, the tourists, in a very beautiul way, to be responsible for our own stuff and garbage, in order to protect the environment and its beauty – which, my God, the surroundings are amazing.

Poseidon’s rule for us


Now, coming back to the beautiful Izmir, it is said that the place where the Sun sets the most beautiful is… well, you guessed: IZMIR

And Poseidon got us back safely to our next year’s home

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