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Planetarium is a Youth Exchange project of our friend Cansu Bilir. Project gave opportunities for establish cultural interaction and friendship to participants who came from different countries and have different social backgrounds. Participants took opportunity for surveillance space via telescope as live. Maybe they experienced this activities once in their life.


First evening of Planetarium – people came from Italy, Germany, Romania, Slovakia. All so different but creative and ready to explore space and planets together. As we all so different – we needed some games to try find connections. My role in Planetarium were a trainer. I was helping with energizer games, speaking about EVS, Youthpass, Europass. Also as group was big – I was a problem solver or at least helping to stabilize participants emotions.

One of the meeting games is creating web to each other. First time I played it in mentors’ meeting of ESN KTU. Now we bonded and made nice matching bracelets with Planetarium participants.

The idea of game is to have ball of yarn and go to person – ask or say his/her name and ask additional one question. After getting answer to take yarn, stand in his/her place and allow to go to other person. Yarn is showing the way person go – and creating web of connections.

Most of participants came to Turkey for first time. So we all tried to get know the city of Izmir and Turkish culture. But of course some international things like attractions were also pleasant after all days studying starts and crafting things about space.

And also we couldn’t skip celebrating birthdays. One of them was birthday of Styliani. We all made a surprise to her with cake and candles. And of course balloons.




One of most exciting activities in Planetarium was going to EGE University observatory. We all were happy to enjoy beautiful nature, leave city noise and pollution. We were observing sun, stars and planets. Also had opportunity to see all equipment observatory has. And meet nice people who are working here.


One day was dedicated for cultural trip. We decided to go to Efesus. It’s an old, historical and very beautiful place. Also we visited Virgin Mary House, Art of Ceramics place, beautiful cozy village of Şirince which is famous of their vines. Day was hot and exhausting but everyone came to Izmir happy. And after refreshing we even went for space karaoke.


And of course how the project about planets and stars can end without the space party. Everyone created costumes by our selves using: materials project gave and we found, our imagination and help from each other. Participants proved again that they are very creative and fun, so party was amazing.

P.s. I wasn’t that creative this time, so just take 3 peaces of material: yellow, green and red. And created space dress representing my country.


Last day of Planetarium was for giving people their Youthpasses and saying goodbye. 10 days spent together allow us to become friends. So to say goodbye wasn’t easy. But we all thinking that world is small and we gonna meet again.

Planetarium was like a challenge to me but I survived. And I’m ready for new challenges. ( )

Day 30. Izmir

Talking about challenges, during the Planetarium project we had one. We were informed that we will go to radio station. I never was talking in radio so it was a bit scary. But radio man and all team were so nice that I forgot all the first times fear. We talked about Pi, EVS, our opinion about Turkey and Izmir. I proudly said that Turkish people not that different as Lithuanians. And of course we talked about temperature differences cause that day also was hot. So another thing done first time – radio.

Day 34. Izmir

During the Planetarium I also had surprise. Batu is student in KTU in Lithuania. But originally from Izmir. So as he don’t need to study in summer, he came back home. I know him because I was mentor for him and other 4 boys from France. Vincent, Pablo and Paul – French, Patrick from Cameroon. This small international group were like family for one semester. Batu – our active and always positive brother. So to meet him in Izmir was a nice gift.

Also it’s interesting experience when people not from Lithuania want to go back there. I agree with Batu about our green country, colder weather, less trash, less and a bit different people. All those things making us to miss Lithuania.

But today we’re here, in Izmir, trying to be happy and make Izmir a happier place.


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