Pi family time

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“Every family has a story to tell… WELCOME to OURS”

Pi Youth Association people not only hard working but also together enjoying life. Tea time after all day in office is very nice example of us spending time.




Day 61. Izmir 

And also after busy month with projects, we deserve some time to relax. And next day – back to works. We all working in one office, so we also enjoying time out together. We like to go to eat or drink some tea in city. And of course as this is Wednesday, we’re waiting for TCMK meeting.

Day 65. Izmir. Pizza Locale

Sunday is free day – office is closed – but Pi family sometimes meeting to spend some time. This Sunday – food in Pizza Locale.

We ate nice pizzas, talked and had some relaxing time.


And of course made some new family photos in famous Izmir places. New photos of organization are always needed to send to new partners or just to update people who interested about people in our family and growth of organization.



Day 67. Izmir
Pi office got crowded and loud these days. Styliani leaving process, people working on new partnerships – jobs need to be done in top priority. So me and Laura run away in Laps. People who work here already know what coffee I drink and nicely talking English with us. So we worked few hours in colorful Laps.


After work hours finally we went to Kızılçullu su kemerleri – water aqueducts. Everyday I’m passing this mysterious place with bus going to office and back home. And finally I saw and walk in there. Big thanks to Bertuğ for coming and showing me this place. I even made a video (You can see in on my facebook and instagram).

Day 68. Izmir

After walking in such a nice place I came back home and couldn’t fall asleep. And after 12 I saw that it’s our prezi birthday.TODAY. Fast created chat with other Pi family members to talk about surprise we can do to her. So in morning I bought yellow sunny balloons, in day time others came with tasty birthday cake. All day we’re spoiling our birthday girl. We hope that her happiness gonna stay all days of her life (not only birthday). Congrats, Begüm – our Prezi, our lion, our sun 🙂

We left office to let Laura to do her German classes, but after we all met in the city. Another Wednesday in meeting with TCMK. I’m glad that TCMK people allowed Laura to brake some stereotypes about maybe scary looking but nice personality people.

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