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As an organization, being invited by the national radio to talk about your mission, your team, about your activities and your future plans is, for sure, proof that you are DOING IT RIGHT.👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

Mss. Begüm, the president of Pi Youth Association, kindly asked me if I was willing to talk about my experience as an EVS volunteer, in a live radio program called “Öğrenci İşleri”, at TRT 1 – Turkish National Radio and Television, in Izmir. I immediately accepted, as I thought that young people from all over the country could learn about great opportunities offered by both Pi Youth Association and the European Union🇪🇺.

As soon as we arrived, we, of course, took some photos and posted on Social Media, so that our friends could listen to us live.

Mss. Begüm and I, in the TRT 1 Guest Room

I don’t know how, but I was able to manage my excitement, as it was my first experience of this kind.😂😂

Just before broadcasting🤣🤣

Coming to what we discussed about, Mss. Begüm presented and talked about the association in a great way (I am sure that was not her first time at the radio). Then it was my turn to be asked some questions by the radio presenter. They we simply curious about how I learnt Turkish and why I love Turkey and its culture. I can say that it is not easy to talk in a foreign language when you know that you don’t have time to change your idea or to say it again. BUT, knowing that there were talented and experienced people around me made me feel relaxed and I was able to talk about myself and about my experience as an EVS volunteer at Pi Youth Association in a good way – and I am proud of myself.✌🏾✌🏾

As one of my main activites at the association is organizing English conversation clubs for Beginner and Advanced levels speakers, I talked about this activity as well and I am sure that young people, at least the ones who live in Izmir or around, appreciated this idea of taking part, for free, in English classes, improving their English and learning new things about culture.

I was very happy to talk about an organization, a project and about ideas that I truly believe in and I would like to thank again Pi Youth Association for giving me the opportunity to do a new thing in my life, and to TRT 1, as well, for inviting us to their radio program.

P.S.: As I understood, TRT 1 team is curious to know even more about us, sooooo STAY TUNED!!!

P.S.S.: Here is the link to our Podcast: http://radyo.trt.net.tr/podCast.aspx?OID=8bdf4ed8-218a-4569-8f3e-cbaad2a495da&OIDIslem=643e317c-65f3-4386-9817-83d92bbb7f31&fbclid=IwAR1lXZJ0IU_S7KgQ-M7OVUgNLkp4UAZaLOkA3LNejxVm_rR_eQn1BhDuMTY

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