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” Every day I am trying to improve my life”

EVS is a big opportunity to learn new things, to find new or improve old skills. So ….

Day 63. Izmir

Today I spent all day preparing for professional photography classes. And as You see from photo I actually need those classes. I’m really happy that we’re living in times when You can find all needed information on internet, in all mighty Youtube. Photos taken with Canon 550D after trying to learn to work with it.


Day 64. Izmir. FujiFilm photography classes

So today me, Laura and Mert went to classes. Very friendly and helpfull team of FujiFilm is providing classes for free. Level is probably more for beginner who have idea how to work with professional cameras but not that much of experience. So perfect for me. I was using Fuji XT-20 camera for first time. From first look it looks cold – metallic and not well designed but small and not heavy.


After listening how to use it, we all went out to the city to make some street photography. FujiFilm team was ready to help to use camera, to find better angles and light for making professional photos. Also team members were ready to be models or talk with people outside to pose for us. By accident I also was posing for photos. As being shy in front of cameras, maybe I wasn’t the best choice, but people made some nice photos. Playing with light and darkness around me, they created some nice art. This is photo made by Laura. Probably I was already tired of standing there and posing, but Laura still managed to get nice moment of my modeling experience.



By the way, I’m posing not first time in my life. First photo-shoot I had was with my study friend Mantas.  He was so excited about me having gray hair that we met and made some photos. Mantas wasn’t studying photography as art in school or university. But now he’s going to weddings and making other amazing photo-shoots for couples, friends, families and etc. If You curious about his work, You can find him as Lucid Photography. P.s. Photos from my camera in album – link here.

P.s.s. We even received nice diplomas 🙂 Thanks to FujiFilm team of this opportunity to improve our selves.

Reunion with Handan

After our photography classes we went back to office. And we found one of the Planetarium participants – Handan. It was nice to see her in our office not just in project environment.

Handan – is a Turkish girl who were born in Italy. She is 24 years old and she lives in Milano with her family.

She is studying Primary Education and during her studies she also works in the school as teacher. Handan took part in our project “PLANETARIUM” in July to learn new non formal science teaching  methods so that she can use them with her students

So participating in projects good not just because we’re learning new things but also meeting different and interesting people from all over the world.

Thanks, Handan, for meeting us before leaving back to Italy. We’re waiting You coming again to Izmir.


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