Paint me a wish on a velvet sky

I could spend hours and hours next to the sea, looking up, breathing, FEELING.

I am like a little creature full of emotions 24/7: I guess my parents added extra sugar to me when I was growing up in my mummys belly. I am not shy ( and I will never be) to raise my voice and express my thoughts. I will never hide my face because I am broken, at the end, we are all broken sometimes. The ones who broke you need to know what they did to you, because only by showing them the pain, we can, perhaps, avoid the pain of someone else in the future. Injustice is everywhere, in front of your door, waiting for you to fall into the hole someone digged specially for you. It has even your name in capital letters.

Injustice can be showed in a lot of ways. It can be because of your gender, your nationality, your belief, your background, your age… or maybe all of them can gather together at the same time. Then, good luck.

Maybe you talk more than you should, maybe you ask more than you should, maybe you love more than you should, maybe you devote yourself more than you should and here you have what you were “looking for”: punishment.

Life punishes you in a lot of ways. It can take directly the shape of a person, the non shape of time passing by or the bidirectional way of regrets and nostalgia.

Would I have been happier if…?

Well, the time machine has not been invented yet.

I project my nostagia towards Izmir skies. I try to find similarity in the colours that fulfill this Aegean view with the colours of all the other skies I have been able to observe until this moment. I can say, skies they all have different smell. Yes, they smell! They smell like pollution, they smell like salt, they smell like wet grass, they smell like HAPPINESS.

For me there is no more beautiful pair than sea-sky. When that sea smells like salt from meters away of the coastline…  that is the place where I belong. It is there where nostalgia and happiness play together for a couple of minutes and all the pain and the injustice of this world disappear.

Then I WISH you could paint me a WISH in a velvet sky.

About Macarena Gonzalez Lopez

Hola, holita kankas of the world! This is Maka, best known among my friends as “La muchacha turca” because of my love for this country, where now I have the pleasure to live in. I am 25 years old and I come from a super touristic town in amazing Málaga, called Fuengirola. Even if I am Spanish, people agree I perfectly look Turkish and THIS MAKES ME ÇOK ÇOK ÇOK MUTLU. I studied Translation and Interpreting (EN-ES-FR) at Universidad de Málaga and some classical music in the conservatory of my town. Definitely, not a science girl at all. I hate cucumber and I love Eurovision Song Contest.

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