November – the month when leaves are falling

In Lithuanian we are calling November – Lapkritis – the month when leaves are falling. Izmir of course looks different in autumn than Lithuania. But the feeling is similar – it’s getting colder, same celebrations as at home.

First of November we are meeting families and visiting graveyards in Lithuania. This is the day of all Saint ones. So its was symbolic that today in office we had guest – grandma. She brought us some cake, we talked and drunk tea together. Of course we didn’t visit graveyards, but didn’t party as it should be calm day.

Second and third of November we were celebrating my birthday. Thank You all again for cakes, balloons and smiles 🙂

November – month full of my friends and family birthdays. On 8th I remembered Erasmus life with ENS KTU and my French kid Vincent birthday. On 9th we were celebrating our little Pi brother Mert birthday. 13th my godmothers birthday reminded me of home.

But in all this birthday bum PI YOUTH ASSOCIATION did not forget to learn new things. On 14th me and Begüm went to Karşıyaka Belediyesi and had training with people from ALDA. We created new friendships with people from Turkey and Italy.

On 17th Raimonda came to Izmir again. This time with her friend Alina. We spent some time together. It was so good speak Lithuanian all day. Talk about things only person from our country, who came here, can understand. Me and Raimonda met back in Kaunas. Spent a lot of Let’s talk Kaunas evenings together. I hope that after her Erasmus in Turkey she gonna explore the world more and come back home to create beautiful art.


On 14th and 21st PI YOUTH ASSOCIATION organized Turkish Conversation Club. We are very grateful Begüm for helping us to learn new vocabulary and to practice what we already know. In our classes we’re me(LIthuania), Liina(Estonia), Adelina(Romania), Yusra(France) and Claudia(Italy) – very international group trying to speak only Turkish. It was a nice challenge and nice atmosphere to do it.

And then we started to end our preparations for final Genç Bak-ış 2. Confirming programme, checking if all people are coming, rezervating hotels, confirming all team tasks, getting ready for World AIDS day and People with disabilities day ….

Everyone worked so hard, so few days before starting I left to Eskisehir to visit Raimonda. That few days were small holidays before big project. And a perfect time to explore, talk Lithuanian again, have fun with my Lithuanian sister in Turkey. We’re walking a lot, we’re talking and seeing the city. And we came back to Izmir one day before event started. To get last preparation and do our best in this event.

Read more about event in next post 🙂

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