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What Christmas is? Who is Christmas for those who don’t celebrate that? What is Christmas for those, who do not understand, how you cannot celebrate them? It’s a religious holiday about Jesus Christ’s birth. It’s about the born prophet and the repentance of sins. It’s about hope and peace in the world. Christmas is also about miracles, Santa Claus, about animals who speak in midnight and sincere kindness to people who we love.

Christmas is about our goodness deep inside.

Christmas is about waiting. If we never know what Christmas is? Would we have another opportunity to remember our religion, to show love our family and ourselves. Let’s try to remember more often those who need help, those who are close to us.

But the days go and pass.

What happened and changed during this year?


First of all, 2018 I met in Malta. I believe, how you will meet New Years, they will be like that. So, I celebrated New Year not in Lithuania, now I don’t live in Lithuania. I was with strangers and a few friends, and all year around me was new people and new friends. I can say that, 2018 was good, they didn’t take anything from me and didn’t give much pain. 2018 was a year of change. I changed my hair color, changed the living country and I changed myself.

2019 I met with new friends in Turkey, who also are EVS volunteers. I will be in Turkey until August, more than half a year. I believe that, this time will be special and very fun. I believe that, the love for Turkey will grow and the year of the Pig will bring rich memories.

This year we celebrated the
Centennial of the restored Lithuania and all year was full of spectacular and magnificent events, which remind the moments uniting the nation.

I wish you all to be happy and try more explored the world. I wish you all, to be friendlier and not hurt each other. I wish you all to smile more and love greater.

My 2018

About Sarune Sidlauskaite

Labas! My name is Šarūnė and I am from Lithuania. I am 25 years old, and this August i started volunteering in Turkey, in Izmir. I am EVS volunteer, and working in Karşiyaka municipality. I hope this year will be wonderful. More about me - instagram @rozalibam ♥

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