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Hello everyone!

In this post I would like to introduce you to some of the important people with whom I shared a lot of hours during my first month in Izmir.

As I mentioned in my first post, I am volunteering in SAĞKAL (SAĞLIKTA KALİTE DERNEĞİ). At the beginning I was living in the same house with all the ladies and children suffering from cancer. They have the right to take some relative to live also in the house so they don’t feel loneliness through the treatment period. So like that… we ended up being a lot of people! (Basically, girls).

During ‘working hours’ we had also a security man called Yavuz and a worker from the municipality, Süner. In other words, my Balçova parents.

Süner used to prepare breakfast for 3 of us and they all try to communicate with me in a super friendly way. Thanks to them, I started to learn my first verbs and expressions based in oral learning and not even being sure of what they really meant. LOL. It was totally a different way of learning that I have never experienced before. I truly believe grammar is the key at least at a very early stage. Now I am relief because I finally had the chance to join some Turkish lessons at one of the universities in Izmir. Grammar is fixing in my brain yavaş yaşas…

Yavuz was so happy because he found an application for the phone in which he can speak in Turkish and it automatically converts the sentence into Spanish (despite the low quality of the translation, of course). I used to say to him everyday ‘yakışıklı’ when he arrived without the uniform (he should think Spanish girls are crazy about compliments) because I really appreciate him.

Süner has two lovely daughters who helped me a lot, Deniz and Irmak. As well as a niece, who doesn’t speak English but we enjoyed a lot together, my dear Yağmur.

Then we have Sultan and Hatıye, sisters. Hatıye came to Izmir from Denizlı to receive treatment. Sultan is her older sister and she stays in the house to take care of her. One day we went out together for doing some shopping (Hatıye can’t go outside so often because of her condition) and I found out how much Hatıye enjoys being outside and looking for clothes and specially earings. It was a little bit heartbreaking experience when she wanted to buy some nail polish but her sister didn’t allow her cause it can interfere with her recovery.

Her mother stayed with us for a few weeks and I got on very well with her. She is deaf and dumb, therefore what could have been an extra problem, resulted in adopting me as another daughter. We had such a great connection. I couldn’t speak Turkish, she could rarely express herself with words neither. Süner was always amazed by our level of understanding each other and she used to say something like ‘I don’t know how can you understand her, sometimes even me I can’t, but you manage. However, you never understand me, I am jealous’.  This lady taught me some sign language (that I mainly forgot right now) and I will always remember her as a wonderful woman.

And then we arrive to my little princess Feride Nas. I remember I came downstairs to have a shower and have some breakfast and then she suddenly sat on the sofa. No one notified me there was another child in the house and somehow I felt shy when she stayed there staring at me. Probably she was waiting for me to start a conversation but all I could ask in that moment was ‘Hello, how are you? What’s your name?’. I am not sure if someone explained to her I was going to live there from that moment on. Days passed by and I got emotional when she first called me ‘abla’, that means ‘big sister’. She loves me so much and so do I. After Hatıye’s mother, Feride Nas was the person with who I could communicate better.  Thanks to her I could learnt the numbers in Turkish! She used to come to my bedroom and  to enter without calling when I was sleeping. I still remember how sad she was when I had to leave the house.

I definitively gained a new sister <3.













Apart from them there were so many other ladies who made me feel like one more. None of them knew English and maybe this is the reason why I will always keep these memories even with more love and affection.

When languages cannot fulfill communication, then heart appears and creates magic.


With love,



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