My first English Conversation Club

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After about two months in Izmir as an EVS volunteer, we are done with the residence permit, bank account, internet at home, local transportation cart and sim cart with Turkish number (personally I am very excited to have a Turkish phone number😎). I would like to thank everyone that helped us finish the formalities; it was not easy, but it was possible with the local volunteers’ help.

Miss Begüm, the president of Pi Youth Association, is such a nice and kind hearted person, that it is impossible not to mention her in my stories and I would like to thank her for welcoming me to her parents’ tennis club, here in Izmir, in a wonderful place, with mountain view on one side and sea view on the other side.


English Conversation Club” started in September and I am responsible for organising three separate clubs a week – two for beginner and one for advanced English speakers. I am so excited and happy at the same time to be in the position of helping other people learn a foreign language, because I am sure that these classes will be of help both for me and for the participants. We will all have the chance to get to know each other, to find out new things, to discover new cultures and new ideas, which may lead to a better understanding of life and of our purpose in this life. 

My Advanced People😎


English Conversation Club at Pi Youth Association


While in the office, I am helping Demirkan, our coordinator, and his team to make the organization more visible among the other European organizations and, for this, I became one of the admins of “Pi Youth Association” Facebook page, where I share posts about the organisation’s activity. Also, searching for new partners is part of my daily activities as a volunteer at Pi and I love that. I will be responsible for contacting youth associations from five countries (Romania, Belgium, Luxembourg, Finland and Liechtenstein).



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