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Dear followers, Chistmas arrived! (and actually passed)

Last month has been a little bit crazy. I decided to go to Spain for spending some days with my family and taking new energy to face the rest of my project.

Despite my love for Turkey, sometimes this country can be overwhelming. So I packed a lot of food for my relatives to ‘experience’ the national gastronomy (understanding the one which fits a flight luggage), almost no clothes (wishing my sister could provide me once in Malaguita) and 300 kilos of happines for coming back home and being able to eat PORK in all the possible ways as well as OCTOPUS. I was eating octopus and prawns every single day since I walked in Spanish territory. If I think about my food now, I cry.

Once the flight attendants open the door of the aircraft, the smell of sea salt came into my brain. I swear you, that smell is Malaga’s one and even if Izmir is also a shore city, it has nothing to do with.

I spent Christmas Eve back home but I decided to return to Izmir to celebrate New Year’s Eve. I was curious about how it would be in Turkey and I have to admit it was a bad decision. Definitely, it’s better not to expect or to plan too much.  Some other EVS volunteers from all around Turkey visited us at home but I decided to start the year on the streets of Izmir.

El ojo que todo lo ve…

I came to Alsancak to join the celebration because I was waiting for some fireworks and yes, there were. Very short and very far away.  Thousands of people were drinking alcohol and playing music.

It was cold and dangerous because some people were selling some kind of  ‘lamps’ that can be lighted up with fire and then IN THEORY, fly up the sky.

 The quality of them was totally awful. The windy weather made impossible for most of them to raise the sky and they ended up touching people’s bodies and almost burning the hair of some of them. So I wanted to run away of that place ASAP.

In Spain we ate 12 grapes the seconds before the entrance of the new year symbolizing good luck for the upcoming months as each of the grapes represents one month of the year.

Kola forever

I tried to do it but I failed. I couldn’t find grapes anywhere so I decided to buy some Haribo’s instead. After all this welcoming ceremony I went to eat some ‘Et tantuni’ in my favourite place.

I add this to my collection of ‘Cotillon’ that I bought in my favourite Spanish supermarket ‘Mercadona’ and that I brought to my friends for them to wear too.

I was almost the only person in the whole izmir wearing fancy decoration. SOOOOOOOO BORING.

Finally, the others volunteers came to the city centre and we joined some party.

Ah! I also brought an amazing ‘Roscon de Reyes”, a traditional cake from my country which I shared at home with the rest of people.

So yes, from now on, Christmas in Europe for the rest of my life hahaha 🙂

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Hola, holita kankas of the world! This is Maka, best known among my friends as “La muchacha turca” because of my love for this country, where now I have the pleasure to live in. I am 25 years old and I come from a super touristic town in amazing Málaga, called Fuengirola. Even if I am Spanish, people agree I perfectly look Turkish and THIS MAKES ME ÇOK ÇOK ÇOK MUTLU. I studied Translation and Interpreting (EN-ES-FR) at Universidad de Málaga and some classical music in the conservatory of my town. Definitely, not a science girl at all. I hate cucumber and I love Eurovision Song Contest.

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