Mid-term meeting Antalya

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I always follow the same idea: start small and disrupt to create something big.

Half time of the project passed and all volunteers needed to meet again – mid-term meeting. I’m happy that this time we are meeting in new location. Antalya.

So, everything started with rumours that NA is planning our mid-term meeting. We all were excited about it. When finally received e-mail with confirmation, I bought tickets and waited for trip. This flight was first when İ was flying alone. Well domestic airport of İzmir is not that bad, so I didn’t get lost. Arrival to Antalya was a bit difficult cause when plane was crossing each cloud it caused turbulention. I arrived first to airport. Then waited plane from Ankara with Sebastien, Kaotar, Fanni, Mija, Simona and others. I asked them to meet me cause to go alone to hotel when You don’t know where it is, not so fun. We took some taxi cars and went to hotel.

We knew that hotel is 5 starts, but this one was different than in İzmir. Huge waiting area next receptionists was decorated for Xmas. And what we liked about hotel also – there were so many cats. Cute and fluffy or sleepy and a bit aggressive. We came to hotel 11 people and of course, I was the one who left without roommate. We started our meeting with eating together. Food and sweets were amazing. This time I decided to use hotels pluses, so I ate a lot, I went to sauna and pool. Also, one of the evening we decided to go to discoteca. With slippers and kind a pyjamas. It was fun to do something crazy together 🙂

Trainings of course were informative and needed for us. To talk what changed from last meeting, how we are feeling, how we are dealing with our problems and challenges, homesickness. First day I met my opossum Zina again. It’s always pleasant to meet her. Also, I find out I’m gonna be living with Beatrice. She’s very friendly Italian girl. Taking care of our young EVS brother Lukas. After living with Beatrice and long talks in the nights, I started to mimic Italian accent. People, who know me, are familiar that after talking with people who have strong accent, İ’m also cashing it.  

Second day we got possibility to explore city. Big part of us were ready to try Meditiarian sea but Antalya beaches are closed in December. So, we just enjoyed city. Walked and talked a lot. Weather was so sunny; water temperature was +20. In dinner time, some people started to make jokes that we can go to swim next our hotel in night time. No one gonna see us and if at day was so warm, night can’t be very cold. So, me, Lukas, Jacopo and Luis decided to swim. Kaotar and Maria just enjoyed the view or feet in the water only. Now we can tell story. We were I Antalya and of course we were swimming. At night. On December 19.

If You remember I told stories how we started to walk in hotel only with slippers. This time most of us joined club with no shoes.  Last day trainers helped us to learn communication problem strategies. We were not able to talk or see and needed to do the task. Also last day we tried to imagine where we gonna be after our EVS. One month, one year, 5 years. Interesting that now I can’t even clearly see what I’m gonna do after my EVS. Go home and find job? I think so…

Last day I also enjoyed my migraine. I realized that all evenings with people, sitting and talking, playing games was fun, but I lost some sleep and my body just broke. I was not able to go to dinner. Just went to sleep. When I woke up Beatrice gave me 3 different cute home-made sandwiches. She made it for me – cutest roommate ever.  After that people started to gather in our room, asking if I’m ok. Well it’s true that You gonna know Your real friends in trouble. We all left room to spend last evening together. Again, talked a lot, played some games. My previous roommate Maria invited me to Ankara, her proposal ceremony. I felt so happy, was jumping like a kid. Sadly, dates are the same as our training course. So, I’m not gonna be able to go. But I wish her and her husband all the best 😊

I’m happy that in this mid-term meeting I made new friendships and also got in closer relationships. I could write all people names, but we are 30+. I could tell how amazing people they all are. But it’s better to meet then and see with Your own eyes.

So the last day, last morning we ate and left to airport – me, Oksana and Fatima. We had some extra time so we talked in hotel next to our gates. After girls left, I needed to wait a bit more. So find new people to talk. Actually, they found me…

So, I woke up in Antalya but ended my day in ECC, in İzmir.

Thank You all, for amazing time in our mid- term meeting. Hope gonna see You again. İzmir or some other places in Turkey. Lithuania or some other place in the world 😊 

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