A couple of Fridays ago we had the chance to attend a training between mentors and us (super volunteers) at the new office of Pi.

Dilara and Cihan organised everything for us to enjoy a lovely afternoon of team working.

During all these previous months each of us had only one mentor (MY LOVELY BEGÜMSITA) but our coordinator decided it would be better for us to have a second mentor so they can work together for our well being.

Only four new mentors were selected among all the applications, two boys and two girls. They seemed super nice and down-to-earth people and the final decision was that Umut would be my second mentor.

During the presentation we put in practice some games of non formal education and we had some fun together. One of the exercices was to perform a short theatre about any situation that can happen to an EVS volunteer in Turkey and how our mentors can solve that issue. So Dilara decided to split us in groups so we can be all mixed. Let’s say that my group was the ‘fantasy and drama’ one. I was performing as myself been stolen in Alsançak by Ionut (another EVS volunteer). We all ended up shouting and laughting so much with Yunus (the Jandarma who didn’t speak English at all) and İlayda (my mentor during the performance).

I guess we could even present the script and some scenes to some Turkish TV producer and I am sure our ‘serie’ would overpass the success of Fatmagül or Kara Sevda. Only then… I will reach richness in this life.

Stay tuned dear readers!

Lots of Spanish loveeeeeeeeee,


About Macarena Gonzalez Lopez

Hola, holita kankas of the world! This is Maka, best known among my friends as “La muchacha turca” because of my love for this country, where now I have the pleasure to live in. I am 25 years old and I come from a super touristic town in amazing Málaga, called Fuengirola. Even if I am Spanish, people agree I perfectly look Turkish and THIS MAKES ME ÇOK ÇOK ÇOK MUTLU. I studied Translation and Interpreting (EN-ES-FR) at Universidad de Málaga and some classical music in the conservatory of my town. Definitely, not a science girl at all. I hate cucumber and I love Eurovision Song Contest.

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