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While time is running here, I woke up with thoughts, what I should do, when I have so much free time. About what I was dreaming, then didn’t have time so much. I remember, my uncompleted promises, finally open old books which stopped read long time ago. I have so much time, that even don’t want start to do, don’t want wake up earlier, not even trying to remember something. Free time is gift and enemy same time. I woke up with mind, that only few months left in Turkey and I have to find out, how as soon as possible how use this time. To squeeze the maximum of life.

three moons, three carrots, three friends

One in meeting with friends, I met Turkish man, who tell us that he was studying in Vilnius few years ago. It was interesting, what words learned, which of dishes liked mostly, in which place sightseeing had to visit, what impression of Lithuania he felt. Mostly in his mind stuck churches of Vilnius, architecture and as same like all students – pubs. Most delicious dishes – fried bread with garlic and cold beet soup. But the most trapped thing he said is that, he has returned completely different, completely changed. Before he came to Lithuania, he was a real Muslim, did not eat pork, did not drink alcohol, prayed and followed all other rules. Life in Vilnius gave him more inner freedom, confidence, courage, and became more open to the world. He says: “Lithuania is a more free open country; people may be “colder”, but smarter. I am no longer a real Muslim, I completely changed in Lithuania.” His face always smiled, and I felt so happy to hear his impressions, attempts to remember Lithuanian words and compliments to Lithuania. He’s story is real proof, that we all have to with courage moved out of our comfort zones.


Middle of March I had training in Ankara. This time we learned how to solve the problems and troubles. The trainer all the time repeated to us – everything you and we can solved. Every time, when we have troubles, we step in crossroad between two decisions – to fight or to stop. It is necessary to fight and solve problems, not to let down hands. It seems that, what kind of problems can be here, but cultural differences, disagreements, different attitudes make simple situations in conflict and split up into two barricades. The small snowball develops impulse to come back home. I was surprised that most volunteers are confronted with various problems and do not know how to solve them. Volunteers joked; if we learned to solve problems in another country, and when we come back home, we will escape problems in the beginning. All difficulties make us stronger and add more experience in life, but did we expect these hard and sad memories before we came here. Life consists not only of sugar cakes, but and with sprinkles pepper too.

EVS volunteers.
Thank you, Turkish National Agency!

In our luggage of life we put experience, memories, smiles, sometimes exclusive bright photos of moments. Sometimes we put book or souvenir. I would like to pack my free time too and use it whenever I really want it. Stop thinking, do I using it right or wrong. Stop thinking, do I have enough memories, do they really all own mine. Every met person gives you a present or adventure, which it’s like small or overweighed stone in your luggage of life. Sometimes feels it’s hard to drag it, but it’s always worth.

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Labas! My name is Šarūnė and I am from Lithuania. I am 25 years old, and this August i started volunteering in Turkey, in Izmir. I am EVS volunteer, and working in Karşiyaka municipality. I hope this year will be wonderful. More about me - instagram @rozalibam ♥

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