Me, coins and TCMK

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So after crazy month of being busy all the time, we have more free time. And I am able to tell You all more about me and what I’m doing in my life. So…

Day 59. Izmir. Numismatic

Sometimes all of us hiding some weaknesses – mine is coins.

People who collecting coins called numismatics. I dunno if my small collection making me one of them, but I like old metal money.

When people asking me why, there are some explanations. First is that when I was younger I couldn’t allow my self to travel much – so I asked my friends to bring me something. Second – when I became older and started traveling I started to use different countries different coins. And third is kind a small protesting against same things – like euro money. Yes, one side of coin is different in each country, but I like old money, with more symbolic. You can see old Lithuanian Litas, money from Estonia, Poland, Russia, Germany, Thailand, Island, Turkey, Denmark, Norway, China, Pakistan, Slovakia, Czech Republic and other countries.

Day 65. Izmir. TCMK

Probably I never imagined that I’m gonna be doing šaltibarščiai (pink soup) in motorcycle club members’ home. First of all I didn’t met a lot of bikers – motorcycle club people in Lithuania. Second – maybe after watching “Sons of Anarchy” I created wrong image about bikers.

In short what I’m trying to say – I met TCMK in Izmir. And I changed my opinion. TCMK is motorcycle club founded around 12 years ago, by 7 people in Izmir. It is a club for chopper, cruiser or custom type of motorcycle riders. They’re calling each other vest brothers. Women can’t be a member. But they are allowed to come to meeting. If woman wants to get the vest, she needs to be married(officially) with club member. It sounds strict and a bit unfair but it’s only for preventing dramas between brothers 🙂 because it’s a family club.

For me TCMK is family friendly community of people who have same interest – motorcycles. I met so many wonderful people in club : older ones, younger ones, working different jobs, still students. TCMK is a good example of big Turkish family – taking care of each other, spending together fun (weddings, pregnancy) and sad time (traumas, unemployment, funerals).

Every week on Wednesday they have meetings to spend some time out, to talk about new things and to show to society how nice they and their motorcycles are.

And as family, they have family meetings. Me and Bertuğ were invited to one family dinner on Sunday. So after meeting with Pi family, we went to see TCMK family.

As I mentioned – I was making Lithuanian pink soup. Yes yes, it’s easiest thing I can manage to do in other people’ kitchen. Cepelinai or kugelis are too difficult. All together we ate nice dinner with Turkish and Lithuanian food. And after just chilled in balcony. We’re talking, joking, singing and trying to play ney (Turkish instrument). After nice time we even got motorcycle to come back home.

Day 66. Izmir

Next day – Monday – we ride back to Gökbay’s home. I need to say that riding at night is more fun – not that hot, not so much traffic. But in day time You can see new places better (riding allowed us to find new places which I’m gonna show You later).

And opposite people were thinking – it’s not that dangerous or scary. Just as with all things in our lives, we need to think what and how we’re doing. Riding – responsible and safe – can be even more fun that adrenaline full fast riding. But everyone is choosing what they want and need.


Back to Gökbay family we talked about their new joy – pregnancy. I even found one of Lithuanian winter postcards and wrote it to baby Gökbay. “These days are very hot here. So we’re waiting You as we’re waiting winter”. Yes yes, I’m still hardly surviving Turkish summer. But happiness about baby Gökbay is so big that even the heat is not that bad anymore.



But as baby Gökbay is still on a way, I needed to buy new clothes for this hot summer. Apparently most of my clothes made from materials which is good for colder Lithuanian summer. Or some dresses and shorts are getting too much attention, so time to adapt to Turkish culture of modesty. Or at least a bit.


P.s. I bought all this stuff for 60 euros, which is very cheap comparing with prices in Europe. So I’m happy 🙂

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