Learning French and German


The ability to speak multiple languages is valuable but…

the ability to keep your mouth shut in any language is priceless.


April 4th we started our French classes with our friend Taha from Algeria. First class we learned basics: greatings, numbers and ect.

Other classes Taha was helping us to learn everything we need for answering questions, asking things we are interested and of course how to pronounce every word as correct as we can. French language requares to make sounds clear and correct.

May second we started German classes with our volunteer Ece. Our  teacher in very playfull way is trying to teach us German language.

Ece was teaching us basic German language: greetings, colors, time and ect. Other students felt more comfortable because explanations was in Turkish and they already knew a bit of German. For me it was a bit more complicated, but I tried to understand at least a little bit.

I am feeling very happy that Taha and Ece were teaching in our organization. I hope that we gonna have more teachers in future.

Goodluck, Taha and Ece… and all students…

See You all later 🙂


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