ISYEC in Kayseri, Kapadokya and EVS


You only live once but if You do it right once is enough…

So, one day of rest after New Media and NGOs and early in the morning I had flight to Kayseri.

To ISYEC – International Symposium on Youth Employment Challenges (3rd edition). The purpose was to gather, learn about/share good practices and get inspired for developing cross-sectoral strategies for employment and for the future of youth.

We (EVS in Turkey) were invited to apply for this conference by our dear trainer Aytac. We all very grateful for this opportunity to meet new people, to learn new things, to share our experience and of course to meet each other.

As I mentioned my flight was early, so I needed to be sure that we gonna be taken from airport. And without any big problems I found AGÜ volunteer Alper standing outside and waiting for ISYEC people. Actually from İzmir we were two. So in bus to hotel we went only me and Şule. From hotel we both went to explore Kayseri, to taste Kayseri mantı. The city is smaller than İzmir, but nice in its unique way. Lots of cami, people kind a choosing not bright colors. But later in AGÜ University we met a lot of students, who were international and open-minded. The biggest surprise was one girl’s scarf – soft pink and with cats with wings. Fashion in Kayseri is more than alive. But a bit hidden.

After exploring city, me and Şule came back to hotel. And I had pleasure to hug my EVS brothers and sisters. My roommate Mija, Juan, Abdul and my amazing opossum Zina. Same day I showed then city. Giovanni joined us for a walk. In the evening we had dinner all together and we met Fatima, Roberta, Carlos and Fatima, Marija and Alex, Marija and others. Amazing evening spent together. In hotel.

Next day, early in the morning bus took us to AGÜ University to have first day of symposium. We had some nice speakers, so amazing workshops and lots and lots of people. Same evening we had amazing Turkish or more Kayseri style dinner. Managed to make photo all together with Aytac. And up to the mountain there was snow. I became a happiest kid ever. SNOOOOW…


Another day, we again had speakers and workshops. But also NGO bazar. I was representing Pi family. Next to me was big Geged family.

Last day, we had opportunity to become speakers. Carlos broke the ice with his sweet talks. Mija represented strong people with disabilities. And me… talked about pi, and explained where the hell is Lithuania and that we are not so cold people. Also I was happy to share about foreigner people integration in Kaunas. Let’s talk Kaunas is amazing place to learn Lithuanian or other languages and find new friends.

Same evening we had a nice dinner and dancing party. Which in serious symposium ended so early that we went to Youth Exchange in another hotel ;D We came in Bulgarian and Ukrainian cultural night. Bulgarian Kristiyan who I met in New media and NGOs was happy to see more people and represent his country. So after enjoying cultural night we came back to our hotel and played the game of solving riddles and escaping room (not in real, on cards).

Next day symposium was already over, so we left to Göreme, Kapadokya. Found our small but amazing hotel – Happydokya. Me, Zina and Hassan went to explore some walleys. Walking in Göreme is amazing – quit, only few birds, and waking up nature everywhere. We were lucky cause we came not on season, so not so many tourists. But we got a bad luck of windy weather – so now famous balloons for us. So we all decided that we definitely will need to come back. One day.

Second day in Göreme we explore open air museum, with all churches in caves. In the most famous one – dark church – we even forced Mija to go. Sorry, Mija, but You needed to see it. Amazing place. Same day we enjoyed trip with ATV – 4 wheels. We explored places around. I made some videos. Full video of all trip on fb, short in my Instagram account. Thank You, Roberta for being my driver.

Last day we went to visit more places while going back to Kayseri. Rocks are magical in this part of Turkey, or all world. Back to Kayseri it started to rain. I had my flight late in the evening, so AGÜ volunteers keep me company. We ate and talked. Thank YOU all.

Back in İzmir, weather was warm even it was late. Bertuğ and Husein helped to come back home…

Thank YOU all for this amazing adventure. Hope to see You again in Kadapodya or somewhere else. See You 😉

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