Hello Izmir, Hello Turkey, Hello World

My name is Cigdem I am 23 years old and I am from the most beautiful city of Germany, Berlin. I am studying social work and I came to Izmir to absolve my Erasmus Internship in the Pi Youth Association. Soo why Izmir?

Since my father is from Turkey, we came recently to Istanbul to visit my family and I have also travelled to other places in turkey before, as well as to Izmir. But I wanted experience to live here for a while since it is always a difference just to come somewhere for holidays than to live in that country. Apart from that I wanted to improve my Turkish language skills. I have family in Istanbul, so Istanbul seemed to be the most logical choice at first. But for me Istanbul is a cool city to travel for a few days and not to live there. It is a so crowded and hectically metropole that I couldn’t imagine living there for 6 months. I have been to Izmir before and really liked it and always heard that it is the most liberal city in Turkey and so different than the rest of the country. I am thinking the same about Berlin, it is so different than the rest of Germany.

And now I am here already for 3 months. I am living together with another girl in Alsancak, which is a central district of the city and where young people are meeting mostly at weekend to go to bars and drink. Our home is located in a quieter backstreet about what I am really happy. My flatmate Elham is from Iran but we are communicating in Turkish which is quite interesting and funny sometimes because it isn’t the mother tongue of both of us. Elham is the best flatmate I could ever had imagine. We are getting along so well and I enjoy spending time with her on Sundays discovering Izmir and the surroundings.

During weekdays I am in the office at the Pi youth association, but I’m going to write about it more detailed later.

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