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Nowadays, staying in one place is not an option for many people. There are many relatively cheap ways to get from one part of Europe to another, using methods such as hitchhiking, couchsurfing, or train rides. The only thing needed to do so, even when you’re on a small budget, is motivation and the need to explore.

Many of my friends and acquaintances have taken up the challenge and grabbed their backpack, courage and left for an adventure. I am personally not this kind of person, because I am a bit of a scaredy cat that loves the coziness of a bed too much to sleep in a central bus station!

But I am not talking about them. I am not talking about the adolescents my age, I am talking about the goldies.

As a part of our schedule, once a week we are supposed to hold an English-speaking conversation club for the people of our municipality. And guess what – all except two, they are all retired. So we are holding a conversation club for a around 20 persons who can be our grandparents. And it’s amazing! Elders are full of stories, experiences, some wise advices, and most importantly, the positive and laid back attitude.

Working with them is amazing because they are self-motivated, eager to learn and participate. They are a very talkative group that sometimes doesn’t even need a facilitator because they can talk without stopping. So I can say my Tuesdays are a lot of fun. 😀

But the thing that was the most surprising, was how much they TRAVEL. The destinations they have been to vary from Italy, Spain, India, China, Thailand! Since they retired, they focused on themselves and their lives and they decided to enjoy their peace by travelling around the world.

Now why is this amazing? It’s amazing because they choose to take the best out of life and use every moment enjoying their life to the fullest. They are bursting with funny stories and anecdotes, and they are so open-minded because they have seen a lot, and found themselves in various situations.

So, imagine – you know that travellers are always kind of open minded, welcoming people with a different mindset (it’s a fact). Now add to that an attitude, jokes and wisdom of an elder. Is there a person more perfect to learn from?

That’s why I am dedicating this post to this generation. The lovely, sassy, warm and wise, the golden generation of travellers. We all should look up to them 🙂

About Valentina Botica

I am a 25 year-old girl from Rijeka, Croatia, a lover of Turkey who is an EVS volunteer in Izmir's Pi Youth Association. Graduated journalist with an overall enthusiasm for media. Both dog and cat person, trying to teach people what is 'teal' - my favorite color, similar to the color of Bosporus. I am a part of Erasmus Student Network and a strong believer that 'Mobility is a Lifestyle'. More about my experience in Turkey can be found on my Instagram @velntajn.

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