Genç Bak-İŞ 2. Part 3

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This summer were very intense in Pi Youth Association. One project after another. More living in hotels than at home. But it’s totally worth it. So….

Day 55. Izmir
Same day as we had first ECC, we were also preparing fort 3rd part of Genç Bak-İŞ 2. As You see in photo, team was a bit bigger. But this time we also had more participants, so needed more human resources. Everyone did their tasks today, so we’re feeling ready for the project to start.



And we started project with another birthday surprise. This time our happy birthday boy – Gürkan.

Gürkan – was born in 1992. He works on International Youth Movements. Contacts with Abroad organizations and transfer of good activation examples are under his responsibility.

Day 56. Izmir

First day of project we started as usual with energy games. Again everyone get connected by yarn. Also we ran our sleeps by exploding balloons in teams. I need to admit, I was happy that some balloons survived because teams were saving them very carefully. Interesting thing – this time we had so many girls that even were able to make”women power” photos. I’m glad that I met so many smart women from different places of Turkey. They all were nice people to talk and even some of them not speak English/me not yet Turkish, we created a nice friendships.

Well, and after all day solving serious questions, we got stuck in traffic. But we not gave up and made as much fun as we could. Boys decided to buy some water and started to sell to people who also were stuck in traffic. And after that they find some friendly motorcycles drivers who took them back to hotel. Me, Laura and Deniz decided just to walk till metro and reached hotel in this way. Almost hour later after we came back others also finally reached hotel. They were not that happy but after refreshing in showers, we all left hotel to enjoy rest of the today’s time.

Day 57. Izmir

This day we’re happy that we have people to help to understand what people are speaking in project. Thanks for translations, Merve, Ozan, Muhsin, Birbey and others.



As topic of project is very serious

we were trying to relax in coffee brakes.

And also by playing funny games as “huggy duck” and eating candies after that.



Or after a long day, we all were sitting in Kordon, on grass, seeing sun getting down, talking, singing and sharing our lives stories.

Thanks for Your trust in me and smiles 🙂



Day 58. Izmir

All good things have ends, sadly. But this is just a beginning. We created nice web of people from all Turkey. And we all gonna see each other on November – the big meeting time. It was a pleasure to work with You all.

I’m glad I met so many different people from different places in Turkey.

I’m happy that You introduced me with Your lives, hobbies, shared Your joys and sad moments. Thanks for “Yalova nights”. Thanks for love and smiles from Karadeniz people. Thanks for promises to learn English. Thanks for charm and positive energy You shared.



I’m happy that I had possibility finally to meet people from Sivas and Arzurum – coldest places in Turkey. And it was nice experience that they with me (person from Lithuania) together were surviving hot and full of humidity weather in Izmir. Probably You already got tired of listening how Turks are similar with Lithuanians, but it’s true.



So, dear participants, hope You also enjoyed the project. And of course learn new serious things, which gonna help to make some changes. See you later 🙂




Day 50. Izmir. Natalia. Spanish people in Izmir

Today we met with Natalia and other people from Spain and Turkey.

Natalia – was EVS volunteer in Lithuania from Spain. And it was surprise that she came to Turkey.

It was beautiful reunion and also pleasant to heard people trying to speak Lithuanian. 


P.s. During the Genç Bak-İŞ 2 we met again. Both didn’t knew that we gonna be in same place. But as destiny or other bigger powers got us together, we decided to enjoy time.

Thanks, Natalia, for all time and smiles 🙂


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