Genç Bak-İŞ 2. Part 1 and Part 2

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“I begin with an idea, and then it becomes something else.”

Pi Youth Association is having a lot of projects and I,  as volunteer here, am trying to help. Projects usually requires preparation, good team working on project is needed also. Working together we’re making ideas to become reality.



Day 27. Izmir. First meeting team

If You already checked Pi Youth Association past activities, You probably saw project named Genç Bak-İŞ. So now we’re organizing it second time. It’s gonna be 3 meetings and people gonna come from 81 different cities in Turkey. Also we’ll have one big meeting later. The main goal of these meetings is to talk and do some changes in young people unemployment problem.

There are coming more than 20 people in one smaller meeting, so we need to have team. One of us taking people from airport or bus station. Others helping with documentation, youthpasses, presentations and other questions.


Day 41. Izmir. Second meeting team

I was not participating in first meeting because I was in Planetarium. But I joined the second meeting. In photo You see another team. People who translating from Turkish to English, taking care of people coming to Izmir and we: me and Laura – taking photos, making energizers.


Also we took punishment box from Planetarium – rename it in Turkish – and decided to use to help people not be late or not to obey other rules.

Punishment box – an idea is that participants have some rules in projects and need to listen them. Rules are set by participants them selves. Punishment also written down by them. So when they are late they need to: dance, sing, exercise, make tea or coffee, buy ice-creams and ect.

Day 42. Izmir

Meeting Turkish people from different cities in Turkey was nice experience. They are very interesting people and even sometimes it’s hard to communicate it’s totally worth it to try. P.s. most of them speaks English good enough. Apparently, knowing English is not in that bad situation in Turkey.


First day we connected all people in one web. Also had some presentations and nice conversations to each other.

Day 43. Izmir


We ended another day with birthday surprise to Sadık. Birthday cakes, candles and balloons.

After all day talking about serious problems in Turkey it was nice to relax. And of course to see birthday boy smiling of happiness showed us that it was a good idea.


Day 25. Izmir. Birthday

Birthdays were important in my life everywhere. My family have tradition at least to sit and eat birthday cake. Let’s talk Kaunas people were always having cake, balloons and singing Happy birthday to birthday boy or girl.

So today we had our mentor’s birthday. Office was decorated with balloons and hand made birthday poster. We had a nice Laura’s made birthday cake.

It looks like we all started our (Pi) birthday tradition here.

P.s. T-shirts from ESN KTU. Amazing people who were taking care of Erasmus students. Glad that I was a part of a team.

Day 44. Izmir

Last day of project everyone received Youthpasses. We all made a lot of photos and hope to see each other in big meeting.

Weird how people after spending few days together can feel that close and connected.

And also it’s a proof that age, gender, nationality, religion and all other stuff not that important. If people have some common ideas and view to the world – they can become friends.



I’m happy that I was able to be part of this project and helped people to express them selves for better problem solving. We all hope that situation with unemployment in Turkey gonna get better.

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