Final Genç Bak-ış 2

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Just learning to think in another language allows You to see Your own culture in a better viewpoint”

Time for final Genç Bak-ış 2 came, our team got ready and we started. Some project people came few or at least one day before. With some we met because they visited us in our Pi Office.

As usual we started our first day with dinner. After eating and meeting people I was not able to meet before, we started our evening by introducing ourselves, Pi team, daily programme, rules and punishment box. After official part poeple went to Alsancak – talks, tea, Turkish coffee, hot chocolate. Evening was nice. And I felt that my Turkish is better than in summer (still not good enough but better).

Next day we started ouside because training before us not finished on time. We put name cards on each other necks and ask some qustions. We started to know each other better. It’s needed because this time the group of people very big. To explain all the topics what people were talking I would need additional post. So I just gonna focuse on my part in event – energy and team building games. The same day we all draw flags which represent us. After drawing we find out that we’re using same symbols. To find similarities were easy and we realize that no matter where from we are, ideas can be same or at least similar. Also I was lucky that I got nice roomates. We spoke in Turkish and English and managed to survive all project days together – without problem or misunderstandings.

1st of December is a World AIDS day. Our project was about unemployment and not really related with this day. But we wanted to show that we care. I think if we as young adults gonna care abouth things, we can change some things. For example, the attitude in AIDS can be changed if we all gonna care.

Next day we were making conference. People shared their experiences and general situation in Turkey. Me as foreigneer not always understood what they talked about but I was not alone. Our conference joined some people from English Conversation Club. One of them Liina from Estonia. We even made a joke and photo of the Baltic sisters. Also we had our Pakistanian friend Attiq. After conference all participants received Youth passes and other diplomas.

3rd of December is a World people with disabilities day. So again we made some photos to say to World that we care.

Also this was the last day of the project – so we had the cultural trip. We went to see a house of Ataturk. Also prehistorical village found here in İzmir. We had possibility to dress up with leather and explore life of prehistorical people. And last but not least we had a tour in Bornova with guid, who told us nice stories.

So another project is over. I had oportunity to speak in Turkish and meet amazing people from all over the Turkey. All serious and silly activities we made together made our friendships stronger. Thank You for everything. Hope to see You again 🙂

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