Fall in Love

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   Fall in love we can in the first sight or just waiting then it comes and gives a pretty pink glasses. And you start to feel, how warm and beautiful weather is, how amazing people are and what a funny language is. All time I was missing that so-called „convenience“ and „europeanism“. Sometimes there were the moments, when I had to remind to myself to not, just not to shout in the streets or its no point to search soy milk in markets. But now, then the adaptation period has ended and everything has settled down, I realized that, a conservatism in Turkey – is nothing wrong at all. Culture shock is nothing wrong, all differences is nothing wrong. And I think, I‘m starting to fall in love.. with Turkey. Is amazing feeling and amazing challenge to live in Turkey. I cannot believe I say that. But it is really truly true.

Fall in love is very easy, when everyone is take care of you, give a lot of attention and want to be friend with you. In organization, which organizing my time (Pi Gençlik Derneği) every person who I know is very warm, honest, heartly and introduce to all his friends and family. And then you going in the streets, where are thousands people – they are running, invites you to buy „simits“, „borek“, nuts, water, asking a pittance, catching their kids. The cars honk all the time, often without a reason, often passing through the red light and almost never let the pedestrians cross on the crosswalk. In the main street is a lot of musician, artists and other strange people. Kids is drumming a pails not a drums, playing with fife and always the same melody. My favorite roasted nuts flavor is always mixed with the smell of fresh pastries or smoked corns in the ashes. You hear how the beeps coming out and ferries are going in the horizon, you hear and feel sunflowers and peanut shells under your feet. Our neighbors are always asking about us, and when we will come for the dinner. I and my flatmate, we always say the same – we will come next time. When we closed the doors, we look each other, because we don’t use to be friendly with neighbors and it is strange for us. But I think, it is time to let in all Turkish customs.

One of the souvenirs, jewelers and beauty Turkish lamps story, very nice women said: „Now is a hard time for me and for my country, but I behave with others as I want they behave with me. I never take things who is not belong to me, and I know nobody takes for me. If I get in a trouble, I want somebody help to me, so, it means I have always help who needs my help. Everything is goes around. What you give, that you get.“ I think, she said very simple things, BUT did somebody act like that? Sometimes we feel angry, jealous and sad, BUT how often we smile each other and say something nice.

How many times our life should goes around, when we start to realize what we do wrong.

When will you feel Love? Or Happiness?

If you get as you give…

About Sarune Sidlauskaite

Labas! My name is Šarūnė and I am from Lithuania. I am 25 years old, and this August i started volunteering in Turkey, in Izmir. I am EVS volunteer, and working in Karşiyaka municipality. I hope this year will be wonderful. More about me - instagram @rozalibam ♥

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