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I didn’t expect cold weather in Izmir, but I experienced more than one month of 2-3 degrees celsius and, as Izmir is a coastal city, it just feels like freezing, especially when you miss summer every second… As the situation of weather was like this, there were no many things to do for me in the last month, others than watching series at home and reading books (Turkish for both).

Still, as summer is coming and for many young Turkish people that means more opporunities to go abroad, travel or do volunteering, the association I am an EVS volunteer at thought about helping people interested in this subject. I liked very much the idea of offering young people from Turkey the opportunity to find out more about the European Voluntary Service projects. Pi Youth Association decided to help them by organizing seminars (without any participation fee) at least twice a month, having youth as their main target. Relevant information is being given at each seminar about the European Union, Erasmus+ program and volunteering projects. 

As an EVS volunteer, having already gained 6 months experience in this field I was invited by the organizers to talk about myself, to share my experience and to help the participants understand better the idea of volunteering projects by showing them my own example. When they are told that a foreigner is going to share his experience with them, they, of course, don’t expect hearing him talking in their language -Turkish- which is at least funny, because they get surprised immediatly. 

Personally, I am really happy that I can approach the locals interested in volunteering in their language, as we are able to understand each other more easily. Seeing the participants happy and satisfied with the information they got and knowing that I had my contribution to that as well is a great feeling and I would like to thank again Pi Youth Association for inviting me to share my experience at the EVS Presentation Seminar.

The participants, together with the EVS volunteers at Pi Youth Association have the opportunity to share ideas about the inclusion, EVS possibilities and can create stronger cooperation.

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