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Take time to do what makes Your soul HAPPY 😉

So I mentioned before, we decided that as we have a lot of new people, we need to plan more time together. So we started our meetings on each Friday.

To meet and just watch a movie sounded not enough. So we made it different. One Fridays introductions with countries, second ones – some serious topics as addictions, disabilities and ect. We are trying to be Turkish and English friendly. So all Pixel team has possibility to come and get some education, conversations and watch a movie.

First Friday (March 29th)we met to talk about Nigeria. Our volunteer Janet introduced us with her country: beautiful places, food and weddings. We all watched Nigerian movie The Wedding Party on Netflix. Thank You, Janet, for this evening.

Second Friday (April 6th ) we met to talk about addictions and more about drug addiction. Our volunteer İnci made a nice and informative seminar about this topic. People shared their experience with addictions. This Friday we were doing our activity in Turkish but İnci was speaking so clearly that even my Turkish was enough to understand most of the information. Thank You, İnci

Third Friday (April 13th) we decided to give to Romania and Adelina. Presentation was very informative: from history to beautiful Romanian traditional chlothes, from places to visit to that Drakula was not a wampire and not lived in Transilvania castle…

Thank You, Adelina, for this amazing evening together…


Fourth Friday (April 20th) we talked about disabilities. This evening we came very international group so it was very easy to share our knowledge and experieces. Adelina brought all her friends to our activity. She is one of my heroes in Turkey

Also our volunteer Ece helped us with some World and Turkey statistics about people with disabilities. Thank You, Ece

Fifth Friday (April 27th) we gave to Pakistan and Attiq. He represented his country so well that now we know all regions, languages and what the word Pakistan means. Also people had so many question and Attiq answered them all. Thank You, Attiq, for amazing evening.

Hope that the gift I gave You gonna be usefull in future 😉



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