ePic TIME – Lithuania – End of EVS

Merhaba, Hello, Labas,

So last ePIc time we made was about Lithuania. Lietuva – country of rain. Lithuania a country with rich history and traditions.


Do you know that Lithuanian is one of the oldest languages in the world today. This language is one of the oldest living Indo-European language of Europe.

People thinking that Lithuanians are religious. These days more religious about sport. Basketball is the most popular sport in this country. Several Lithuanians have gone on to NBA fame, the greatest star being Arvydas Sabonis.

In Lithuania we love nature – 1/3 of Lithuania is covered in forests. and… There is an oak in Lithuania that has survived The Crusades. The Stelmuze oak is the oldest tree in Europe…

I was happy to tell people more about our history, food, culture.

I was also happy that directly from Tauras films I got a movie for people to show. People enjoyed Tadas Blinda. Thank You Tauras films for understanding that Lithuanians need other Lithuanians to make world to know about us and love our country as we do.

After last ePIc evening, I had my last week in office. Last day was Thursday and after last ECC peope made a surprise bye bye party. I am very grateful for this.

So I got my Youth Pass and diploma of volunteering one year. But more important I got book with everyone wishing for me something in there.

“… I am lucky and I am happy to know you…. You support and inspire me… ”

“… because You provided… to improve myself… you are more than a volunteer…”

“… I hope we’ll meet again…”

“… from the pig ears to knitting bracelets…”

“… It’s not goodbye… see you later..”

” You’ll always remain in my heart…”

“Also You are the first Lithuanian and I am glad it was You…”

I left Izmir… Two weeks spent in amazing place next to Black sea… and then with a lot of stress and challenges got back to Lithuania…

My EVS is done…

But You still have chance to do Yours… it’s definetely worth it… 🙂

See You later 🙂

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