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Education is very important everywhere. But if You would ask people to describe Izmir, one of the things gonna be universities. Izmir is famous about variety of educational places.

When volunteers are coming to Izmir, they are provided with Turkish language classes. Usually language courses are expensive in this country, so organizations doing classes by them selves. Or sometimes there are free language classes organized in municipalities, universities or other educational places. And sometimes organizations providing extra online classes links. If You good in self learning, online classes are very nice way to learn language. Also PI YOUTH ASSOCIATION providing Turkish Conversation Club where people can practice their Turkish by talking with local people.

If volunteer’s project includes other languages or requires other skills, organizations are providing support to learn these things. Organizations which working with refugees usually helping to learn Arabic language. Organizations, as PI YOUTH ASSOCIATION, are working a lot with social media, photography and videos, so they are trying not only to choose volunteers with advanced skills in this field but also helping to improve. Some photography companies or NGO’s are organizing free classes about professional cameras, videos. Also sometimes organizations getting people to help volunteers to improve their skills and use their time in organization better.

Also when You are a volunteer, You need to remember that You also helping others to improve their skills. As volunteer You are not only learning how to learn but also learning how to teach. And of course use other of Your experience. For example, organizations usually need people to help with organizing events, doing energy games and other tasks.

Volunteers are using non formal education and teaching English or other languages they are fluent in.

English Conversation Club in PI YOUTH ASSOCIATION is an example. Turkish people are coming and practicing their English with foreigner people from different countries (Germany, France, Estonia, Romania, Lithuania, Egypt, USA, Iran, Russia, Pakistan and others).

Another things volunteers are teaching only depends on their skills. It can be music, art, crafting, photography, video making and editing, time management or other classes.

The goal is to help local people to improve.

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