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What We learn with pleasure we never forget.

So May was the last month of meeting and learning English together.

We started our meetings with beginner group as usual on Tuesday. Some old faces and some new faces, all started new month of practice. Advanced group this time grown a lot. It was pleasant to see so many people ready to learn and improve.

Second meeting with beginners I joined after exploring Izmir with foreigner friend from project. Janet as usual joined us to help to make less mistakes.

Second meeting with advanced group I joined with one friend from Syria. It was not the first time when people from different countries joining our meetings. But I was glad that more people from Syria learning English together with us.

Third meeting with beginner group we talked about styles and phobias. It was interesting to learn weird names of different phobias. And more interesting was to find words to describe our own style or try to tell a story of a person from his/hers appearance. We tried so hard not to make stereotypes.

Third meeting with advanced group we talked about cultures and traveling. It was nice that our meeting joined Mohamed from Egypt.

Last meetings in ECC we were talking about our future plans. Saying goodbye was not easy because with some people I was meeting all year.

But ECC gonna continue even after me… New volunteers gonna help people to learn English…

I am wishing them and all You, my friends, a good luck 🙂

See You later 🙂

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