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Learning a language is like … falling in LOVE …



So we started our ECC with beginners on March 6th. We were so crowded that hardly fitted in. But met each other and decided to practice English together. Slowly slowly got used to speak in English with each other and became friends.

We started ECC with advanced on March 8th. Meeting was crowded also. Milad, Janet and Deividas joined us again. Very international meetings remind me of days back in Kaunas.








Saturday, March 10th, we met with veterans: İnci, Alaattin and AiRıza with foreigner team of Adelina, Attiq and Deividas. We decided that solving dilemmas is better than covering topics. So in our meeting we are talking what would we do, what is ok to do in various situations. For example: A pregnant woman leading a group of people out of a cave on a coast is stuck in the mouth of that cave. In a short time high tide will be upon them, and unless she is unstuck, they will all be drowned except the woman, whose head is out of the cave. Fortunately, (or unfortunately,) someone has with him a stick of dynamite. There seems no way to get the pregnant woman loose without using the dynamite which will inevitably kill her; but if they do not use it everyone will drown. What should they do?

Second meeting with beginners me and Adelina were helping people to speak about sports and traveling.

Second meeting with advanced group me, Adelina, Milad and Deividas helped our Turks to talk about furniture (yes, yes, weird topic to talk) and life in villages or small towns and big cities.

Second meeting with veterans we enjoyed going out to Kordon, were sitting on grass and solving dilemmas. Me, Janet and Mohamed were representing not Turkish point of view and Derya, İnci, Sakine, AliRıza and Alaattin were trying to solve dilemmas from experience gained here in Turkey.

Third meeting with beginners our foreigner squad were already bigger – me, Adelina, Janet and Attiq. We were talking about future plans and telling about our, our parents or grandparents home towns/villages because to talk about İzmir, when we all here looked not needed.

Third meeting with advanced level we talked about gender equality and lies.

Third meeting with veterans we felt life in family meeting because Safa, Alperen and İrem joined us after longer time. We were solving dilemmas, drinking tea.

Fourth meeting with beginners we talked about movies and books.

Fourth meeting with advanced we talked about festivals in the world and our favorite animals and what spiritual animal we have.

We decided not to make meeting with veterans and to meet next month.

So another month passed learning and improving our English. See You next month, my friends.

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