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One language sets You in corridor for life. Two languages open every door along the way.




So we started our February ECC on February 1st with Advanced level. Meeting was colorful cause our foreigner friends joined class. 3 Iranians, Algerian and Turks all practicing English together.

Beginner level we started on Tuesday – our new time. And we were surprised and happy that two blind Turks also joined us. I hope we all gonna improve ourselves in these meetings.

February 8th we were so crowded that to make photo was difficult task. We had nice evening talking about art and cultures.

February 10th I started my morning with meeting our sunshine Ayfer. She can’t join our classes always, but still part of our family. Same day we started new meetings with people who came to classes 3-6 month. We are calling veterans of ECC.

Also our Pi and ECC family joined diamond from Africa – Janet. Our Nigerian friend helping to learn English and stop being shy. She is fixing if people making mistakes and try to help us not only to be able to speak, but to be able to speak correct.

February 13th we met again and talked about movies and our future plans. As usual with beginner group our Pakistanian friend Attiq joined. Foreigner people squad getting bigger everyday. But its nice to see same faces not leaving us.

February 15th was rainy day, but we still met to talk. We had nice discussion about money and marriage. And seriously talked about technologies. Adelina(Romania), Milad(Iran) and new Lithuanian Deividas joined us this evening.

February 17th our ECC veterans met again. We are so happy to see each other and still improve our English together. Sometimes people get used to the people so much that we just cant leave each other so easy. So after ECC beginner we can move to advanced, from advanced to veterans ;D

As You probably saw this month we had New media and NGOs project and also conference in Kayseri, so my duty to coordinate classes was taken by Adelina. She made one meeting for advanced level and two for beginners. So as You see, even if I am not around there are amazing people to help and still make meetings. Thank You, Adelina sooooo much 😉

See You all next month 😉


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