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As You already know every Thursday we’re doing English Conversation Club. On Thursdays it was time for language exchange in Kaunas. So to do ECC same day is very symbolic for me.

Day 55. Izmir. First ECC

So today we started our English Conversation Club. First meeting was for knowing each other, seeing level of English we have. And deciding what topic we gonna cover next meeting. All decided that talks about family and cities/villages we are from gonna be nice beginning. And of course nice possibility to practice our speaking, listening and expending vocabulary. I already represented my country, people asked few questions. So I hope now people know more about Lithuania. Waiting for next week’s meeting with my nice students.

Day 62. Izmir. ECC no. 2

Weekly English Conversation Club today was crowded. We were talking about our families and cities we’re from, about jobs in Turkey. Also we decided that next time we gonna talk about stereotypes and social media. ECC becoming a nice place to practice our English without fear. Also members becoming friends and it’s gonna be easier and easier to learn things together.


Day 69. Izmir

I started my day by going to post office to take letter for me. Finally I received my resident permit. So now for one year I can stay in this city, in this country. Technically I can be in here around 90 days as tourist without visa or other document. But as my project is for one year – papers are need to be done.

And of course as every Thursday we had our English Conversation Club. Sadly today not all of us came. But with girls we talked about social media: addictions, privacy, branding, commercials, growing kids in technology age, elder people using social media and other smaller topics.

Together we discover flash mobes (not all of us knew about them). Stereotype topic we left for next ECC next week. It’s gonna be last this month.

Day 76. Izmir

Our last ECC was small but cozy. It was few days before holidays, so we talk not just about stereotypes but also about our holiday plans. ECC over this month.

But ECC will continue next moth – so girls who were coming to all classes will be able to join a new September team.

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