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Be humble,

Be teachable

and always keep LEARNING … 




April we started new month for learning and practising English together on April 3 with Beginner level and April 5th with Advanced level.

Also like previous month, we met with ECC veterans again on Saturday. We solved dilemmas again and tried to improve our English language.

2nd meeting with beginner level we talked about technologies and student life. Everyone shared their experiences living with family or in dormitory and studying. Some people shared experience of studying and working at the same time.

2nd meeting with advanced level we talked about animation and famous people. I am always joking that the one who gonna speek Turkish in our class, gonna bring cookies. So this week we had amazing home made cookies 😉

3rd meeting with beginners we talked about travelling and books. And with advanced we talked about social media and national days.

Saturday we met with veterans again. This time we tried different dilemmas like: “You have a kid. Kid is healthy …. But unibrow. Would You take care of kids eyebrows and make them two or let the kid to stay natural? ”

Last meeting this month with beginners we talked about money and friendship. After that some of us enjoyed going to very nice coffee place to spend some time in informal enviroment.

Last meeting this month with advanced we talked about mythology and legends. After that most of us went to very nice place to eat together.

So another month ended but one more left. See You all next month 🙂


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