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One year in Turkey it wasn’t like one long story. It is like puzzle consists of many different adventures, stories and moods. At school, I was read book of Paulo… Read more »


Since I’m in Turkey, our neighbours always and always invite us to drink a Turkish tea. Well, as everybody knows, we are a little bit shy girls and always we… Read more »

Real Turkish

After nine months in Turkey all noticeable cultural differences has become usual and inconspicuous. Seems, like it never was stressful before. I feel that, I’m quite good adapted to world… Read more »


While time is running here, I woke up with thoughts, what I should do, when I have so much free time. About what I was dreaming, then didn’t have time… Read more »


Earlier, I mentioned, in municipality, where I volunteer, we take English conversation courses. There I met woman, who meditates. She is retired, lives alone, loves traveling and active leisure. Five… Read more »