Beauties of Izmir

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There are so many things that make Izmir beautiful and cats are among them, like this two sweeties.

Beauties of Izmir


Every time I look around this city, I’m surprised at how well stray animals are taken care of. And even more surprised to see them inside mosques. Until now, I basically spent the entire time surrounded by street cats, kittens, and the occasional street dog. It seems like the city of Izmir really tries to take care of the street cats, leaving little food and water dishes all around the city, which is perhaps why they are so sociable.


That’s Miss Begüm’s lovely cat



I wish I could sleep like this cat anywehere, anytime



Always be ready… to show your beauty



Ayran curing insomnia




Well, a cat stretching before workout… that’s a thing😂😂



I mean, look at the dog’s amazement


With no real organized garbage collection system, residents chuck bags of trash out of their windows to the streets below, much to the delight of the cats, who sort through the discards of waste. Further, individuals, cafes, and shop owners collectively care for the thousands of stray cats that rule the streets of Izmir by leaving out food, constructing shelters, and even taking a sick cat to the vet, if necessary.

One of my favourite restaurants in Izmir had the great idea of introducing extra plates in their restaurants, which can be found on every table with the following message on it: “If you can’t eat it all, I can eat it”. Actually, clients who can’t finish their food can themselves place the rest of their food on these plates and, thus, even more street cats and dogs can be fed. I find this idea simply amazing and it shows us that Turkish people truly care about stray animals.

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