A new love for musical instruments

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Izmir is a city that offers people many opportunities to spend their free time in the area of arts. Not so many for practicing sports, but this can be another topic. Fortunately, I love everything that is related to arts and I found some opportunities to play musical instruments. Learning to play a musical instrument has so many benefits – whether it’s building your confidence, enhancing your memory or widening your social circle. One of my friends, who is also a volunteer at Pi Youth Association (the organization where I am doing my EVS), knowing about my passion for music and instruments recommended me Izmir Musicians’ Association, which is a place where talented people, music masters come together and help, voluntarily, participants interested in learning how to play different kinds of musical instruments. I have to admit that I found an amazing place to spend some of my free time, with beautiful and high level of positive energy people.

Our two amazing teachers😍😍

I discovered that there were also courses for “darbuka” (I guess it is already well-known) and I was really happy that I could finally learn how to play my favourite musical instrument.


I registered for the course and it’s been already two month since I started learning how to play it and I think I am on the right path, thanks to my teachers. I also love piano and I would like to register to piano classes as well, but, even though there is a piano available, there are no courses available at this moment. Still, my teachers told me that until piano classes are organized I can go to the association and play myself whenever I want. (I told you, they are really nice people)

   Learning how to sing an Arabic traditional song


Our teacher is also offering us some important knowledge and music theory🎼🎹🎵🎶

Another interesting part of this association is that they work mainly with immigrants (most of them from Syria), which I want to congratulate the coordinators on, because giving young immigrants the chance to heal their wounds through arts is something that is both wonderful and needed. At the same time, as I am interested in improving my Arabic, talking weekly, for a few hours, to Arabic native speakers represents a big opporunity for me too. And I am really happy and thankful for all the people that I met by participating to this courses. With some of them I became friends and I can practice Arabic almost everyday now.

These kids are amazing and they feel the rhythm immediately

These bigger kids are also amazing🤣🤣🤣 

Again, I am truly happy and thankful because I discovered this place – Izmir Musicians’ Association and because I met some beautiful and talented people. My dear music teachers, thank you so much for everything!

2 thoughts on “A new love for musical instruments

  1. Faisal Rush

    Thanks for sharing. Do you have a contact number for izmirs musician association? I would like to get in touch. Thanks


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