A letter to my friends

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I didn’t always have many people around me. Unlike many others, I can’t say I have a best friend from childhood, from elementary school or highschool. Actually, from that period of time, I am left with none. Sometimes I ask myself if I should feel like something is missing, was I uncapable of keeping those relationships, or I just never met the right ones that I wished to keep. Even my college friends, even though we had some fun times, turned out to be not worth keeping.

But all of that changed. My life, and real friendships along with it, started when I was 23. I guess I could say that I could judge people better since then. And also, as an almost formed person, I started to attract the people who think like me and share the same values and ideas about life.

Then, I started to have real friends. Those who’d do anything for you, and you’d do the same for them in a blink of an eye. Those who will support you and keep up with your life whenever you go, and no matter how far you are.

That’s why I am devoting this post to them. To all the people who made me the person I am.

Dear friends who live so far away from me,

I miss you so much. You are the ones giving me strenght to be who I am, and I am not afraid to tell you my deepest thoughts without being scared of judgement. You’re giving me peace, feeling of belonging, because whenever I remember that you’re a part of my life, it feels like I’m safe.

Dear friends whom I spent only a little time with, but are more special than some others,

Thank you for enriching my life. By these I mean the ones that I met under a certain circumstance, just for a short time, but made such an impact on me that they are some of my favorite people walking on Earth. We may not be in touch often, not see each other much, but we both know that there is something special between us that will spark and burst the next time we see each other, like we didn’t spend a day apart.

Dear past friends (or not so dear),

I have nothing to thank you for. I am so happy you’re out of my life. Alright, I can thank you for teaching me how to read people better, and to see warning signs of a rotten relationship. Maybe you are the reason that now I choose only the best.

Dear friends from my past,

I loved our moments. I loved our jokes, fun that we had and the small things that colored my life in the times of ‘grey’. Sometimes I wish I could text you, ask you how you’re doing, is everything fine with your work, friends, relationships, but I don’t. Life is like that. Parting ways happens, and I am grateful we were on a same path for some time.

Dear friends who are on a journey with me,

Thank you for your support and being a wonderful companion. You are strong people who are not afraid to take a step into the unknown. You’re not afraid to fight for your rights and vocalize your opinions. You are giving me motivation to stay like that as well. Being abroad is not for the faint-hearted and with you, I feel I am fighting for myself. I am grateful for having you by my side.

Some people cross paths with you just for a moment, and make an impact. Some, on the other hand, can be in your life for years, without having that special spark. What I have to say is, choose people around you better. More carefully. Because they all shape you. And if you meet someone who makes you glow and makes you feel alive, don’t let them go, even if you have to pull the continets to do so.

About Valentina Botica

I am a 26 year-old girl from Rijeka, Croatia, a lover of Turkey who is an EVS volunteer in Izmir's Pi Youth Association. Graduated journalist with an overall enthusiasm for media. Both dog and cat person, trying to teach people what is 'teal' - my favorite color, similar to the color of Bosporus. I am a part of Erasmus Student Network and a strong believer that 'Mobility is a Lifestyle'. More about my experience in Turkey can be found on my Instagram @velntajn.

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